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World Renown Magician David Copperfield has been wowing audiences for decades.   Oprah Winfrey calls him the Greatest Illusionist of all time and Forbes named him as the most commercially successful magician, selling $40 million tickets and grossing over $4 billion.  Once you see his show, you will know why…

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He is the only magician to make the Statue of Liberty disappear in front of a live audience on national television.

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He has walked through the Great Wall of China.

From his TV specials, 21 Emmy Awards and star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, you can see him in Vegas, playing 2 shows and night.  Here are 10 reasons why you need to see him:

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1. He’s so funny, he should be a comedian. He has a bunch of little voices and knows how to make you laugh.  He’s very quick on his toes.

2. He can make a motorcycle appear out of thin air.

3.There will probably be celebrities in the audience.

4. He magically teleported 10 people across the room.

5. The audience is constantly participating in almost every illusion. You feel the energy of the room as he wows and amazes.

6. In one illusion, he has a poster that says everything that has happened and then reveals it to the audience with his cute little Alien friend. An image which he takes in the beginning of the illusion is taken and then emailed to the audience.  Everything is written about what happened during the illusion and it’s true!  It’s baffling.

7. He does many of the illusions in the center of the audience.  You can see that there are no trap doors or any secret compartments.  He still manages to make things disappear (including people), make things appear and levitate. Who knows how this is done?

8. He is amazing storyteller.  His illusions bring out nostalgic and fantastic emotions. One of his illusions is based on reconnecting with his father who has passed away. The main point of some of his illusions is that you can do anything that you put your mind to.

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9. He squeezed himself into a tiny box. His head and his feet were literally within a foot of each other.

10. The MGM theatre may not be the most ideal environment for these illusions but Copperfield really knows how to bring out the magic.  He transforms a tired theatre into a place of life, energy and enchantment.  Great job David!

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Here is David Copperfield teaching how to make a dollar bill float:

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