Photo By Destination Luxury of the House Rules of the Ponce City Market.

With a mere six months under its belt, Botiwalla by Chai Pani has made a clear statement in Atlanta’s historic Sears and Roebuck building. The restaurant is conceived specifically for the Ponce City Market. Botiwalla is simply a great place to stop by and enjoy a quick lunch. The very atmosphere and its placement in the ever-growing mixed-use development appeal to those interested in travel, from the quirky and localized café rules posted on a pillar to the posters hanging on the wall, the restaurant truly presents an inspired look at Indian cuisine.

Photo By Destination Luxury of their Kitchen.

Chef Meherwan Irani’s hands-on approach attracts and creates the flood of diners in the restaurant. The overall aesthetic draws inspiration from the Irani Cafes of India. It brings innovation to traditional Indian street foods. There’s a certain element of class in all of this as the location itself seems to reflect a fusion of traditional and modern. Located in the Central Food Hall of the Ponce City Market, the restaurant is distinct.

Photo By Destination Luxury of Botiwalla’s Lamb Burger.

Botiwalla brings a real history of street food and its influences. The place is not only hip, cool, and fun to visit, but it is where Indian Street food becomes art and the flavors come alive. The street kebab is prepared on an open grill. The tandoori oven is used for their breads and naan, all freshly baked. Each bite of their food takes us back to India.

Photo By Destination Luxury of Delicious Indian Street food inspired by Botiwalla.

There are unexpected items on the menu including; charred octopus, marinated beef heart, and tandoori chicken legs. You can choose from the following options to pair your food with naan, paratha, rice, green salad, pickled vegetables, and toppings.

Photo by Destination Luxury of Ponce City Market.

The menu is inspired by northern Indian cuisine and there’s a substantial amount of options. The absolute must is the S.P.D. This is something of perfection and warrants a visit to the restaurant unto itself.  We also tried Botiwalla’s iteration of a lamb burger and it was certainly pleasing to our taste buds. Once you enter Botiwalla, you’ll experience the fine Indian cuisine dining.

Learn more about Botiwalla in Atlanta here.

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