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10 Reasons why you need to relax at Spa Castle in Queens, New York

Are you ready for some relaxation?  Checkout this Korean Megaspa called Spa Castle!  It's actually more like a Persian palace.  Each visitor is given the keys to the castle when they arrive.  As you enter the locker room, you will find your personal locker where you drop your clothes off and change into some traditional Korean garments.  In gender specific a[...]

16 Of The Most Spectacular Spa Views That Will Heal Your Soul (#7 will change your life!)

Looking for the ultimate spa experience can be quite overwhelming due to the amount of opulent options just in the United States and Mexico alone. The luxuriousness of a spa can be contain some of the most decadent, comforting or modern decor, which has been skillfully crafted to heighten one's sense of peace for the moments they are within the retreat. Afte[...]