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McLaren teases traffic cops with F1 power in their new P1

The new 2015 P1 Mclaren is a car that was made to be driven hard and it was developed by one of the most successful F1 teams. It is safe to assume you will win if you race for pink slips behind the wheel of this hyper-car. There is a 727-hp twin-turbo V8 and a 176 hp electric motor under the hood which combined gives the P1 up to 903 hp combined!  The 7-sp[...]

The new “it” car on the block is…the BMW i8

BMW is generally known for making refined, elegant silhouettes that combine both performance and luxury into stylish an everyday driver.  If you were to mesh designs by Syd Mead and the remake of the movie Tron, you may have gotten a car as chic and as eye catching as the new must have car.  The BMW i8 is preparing to revolutionize its vehicle class.  As[...]

The Dubai Police Department adds a Bugatti Veyron to its Fleet

If you're speeding in Dubai, just know that you will be caught.  The Dubai Police Department just posted a youtube video of the latest addition to their powerful fleet-- the Bugatti Veyron. The Veyron has become part of the flashiest law enforcement vehicles in the country and will join the police department's two Ferraris, Bentley Continental GT, Lambor[...]

The Pond Collection - 110 Cars in Palm Springs

A fashion video short featuring The Pond Car Collection of 110 cars and Setorii Pond. Filmed in Palm Springs, California while setting up to shoot an article about Setorii and the car collection for Motor Trend Classic Magazine. Film by: Yaroslav Kofman and David C Lee for Destination Luxury Models: Danielle, Shawn and Setorii