The Hangar Steak along with chutney and coconut rice at Gunshow Atlanta. Photo By Destination Luxury

As we walked up to Gunshow Atlanta, people conversed and debated among themselves if the fish or the fried okra was the best dish. When we stepped into Gunshow it was surprisingly loud for a restaurant of its culinary magnitude. We sat down at a communal table surrounded by eight strangers, laughing, smiling, eating, and talking. Guests enjoyed their food and the newly acquainted company that was around them. The dishes were elegantly garnished and were aptly described as a “photogenic cuisine.” 

Photo of Gunshow Kitchen/Destination Luxury

Our favorite part about the restaurant was that virtually everyone in our vicinity was engaged in their conversation. We couldn’t see anyone pull out their phones… a welcome change to these days of technology laden meals.

Brown custard topped with white chocolate. Photo By Destination Luxury

With the theme and environmental influences of an actual gun show, Chef Kevin Gillespie has created an environment that urges his guests to focus on the palpable and experiential. The Dim Sum service style matches the frenetic environment. It’s absolutely a unique and social dining experience highlighted by southern flair and comfort.

Photo of Pan Seared Salmon By Destination Luxury

Some items that stood out were the falafel, which was simply amazing along with the hangar steak with chutney and coconut rice. The chef prepares and serves his dishes and the guest may accept or reject each dish as it’s served. Dishes are presented on rolling carts and trays for diners to select their dinner options. 

Photo By Destination Luxury

Gillespie’s parent company, Red Beard Restaurants, was established in 2015 to oversee Gunshow, as well as Revival, Terminus City, and all their merchandise. The management company allows Gillespie to set comprehensive standards to ensure smart expansion, offer more internal growth opportunities for his team members and provide consulting services to other food and beverage start-ups.

For more on Gunshow or to make a reservation, click here.

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