People consider gambling very risky, and only strong-hearted and smart people can afford to lose the cash they made last time in a Casino. If you are tired of playing free online slots at home and looking forward to trying real gambling, you should definitely visit a Casino. Umm…haven’t been to any casino before? If your answer is no, you should definitely plan your next trip to any one of the 5 Best Casino Cities around the World. 

In this article, we are listing down the cities with the best casinos in the world. Let’s dive into the article. 



5 Best Casino Cities around the World 



  • Las Vegas, Nevada, USA 



One of the most famous cities when it comes to Casino is none other than Las Vegas. There would be hardly anyone who has not heard about Vegas and its Casinos. The beautiful city is in the middle of a desert and an astonishing tourist destination.  

There are luxurious hotels, amusements, parks and great nightlife. The city is full of avid gamblers who make money during the day and try their luck by playing in casinos. The city is full of neon light, Cadillac, Pubs, dance bars, restaurants and resorts. 

Here are some famous casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada: 

  • The Venetian 
  • Bellagio 
  • Flamingo Las Vegas 
  • Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino 
  • Caesars Palace 
  • Rio 



  • Macau, China 



Macau has popularized as one of the most famous city for gambling. The city has a different monetary system, immigration policy and legal system from the mainland china as Macau was a colony of the Portuguese. When it became independent, a law was passed which says that the state will run its operations autonomously for the next 50 years. 

It has a beautiful lifestyle, modern casino games, and the majority of the tourists visit the place for gambling. The city generates a lot of revenue from gambling and has established itself as a famous gambling city in the world.   

Here are the top 5 casinos’ in Macau: 

  1. Venetian Macau 
  2. Casino Lisboa Macau 
  3. Wynn Macau 
  4. Sands Macau 
  5. Galaxy Rio Macau 



  • Atlantic City, USA 



Another famous city for Casino is none other than Atlantic city of the USA where choosing a casino might become a little harder for you as there are so many colossal casino towers, some are near the sea coast. These Casinos offer various slot machine games, gambling games like blackjack, poker, etc. Most of the tourist visit the city for gambling as the city is quite attractive and is built around the gaming industry.  

Top casinos in Atlantic City: 

  1. Atlantic City Hilton 
  2. Bally’s Atlantic City 
  3. Caeser’s Atlantic City 
  4. Harrah’s Atlantic City 
  5. Resorts Atlantic City 


There’s also the rare possibility of being able to play online too due to Atlantic City being in New Jersey. This is one of the few states that has legalized real money gambling at online casinos, with residents being able to play for several years now. If you would prefer this method of playing, you can find an online casino that’s legal to get started.

  • Marina Bay, Singapore 


Marina Bay is a city in Singapore where gambling was legalized in 2005. The city has tall buildings, skyscrapers, a fantastic lifestyle and casinos. It is a famous Casino city in entire Asia with an iconic Marina Bay Sands with over 2500 rooms, swimming pools, night clubs and a massive casino on the planet. 



  • Paris, France 


As online gambling is still not legal in Paris, people still have to go to the real-world Casino to multiply their money. The city is mesmerizing and has some well-built popular casinos which attract a lot of tourists. You can surely plan your next trip to Paris and get a chance to see the Eiffel tower and trying your luck at Casinos. 

Here are 5 Best casinos of Paris 

  1. Cercle Central 
  2. Clichy Montmartre 
  3. Casumo Casino 
  4. Cercle Haussman 
  5. Association Cercle Eldo 

In Context 


So, these were the five best casino cities around the world that you can plan to visit or at least add in your wish list. The gambling industry is getting more popular every day, and a lot of people are trying out their luck every day. In this article, we have listed down five popular gambling cities and the best casinos of those cities one should consider visiting.  


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