With marijuana legalization spreading across the globe like wildfire, there has never been a better time to invest in cannabis. The COVID-19 pandemic has left many people confined to their homes in the last few months, which has helped one particular industry in this area to flourish; marijuana delivery.


With much of the country’s weed-smoking population living in quarantine, demand for this kind of service is high. However, when demand increases, supply will inevitably grow as well.


To get ahead of the competition as a marijuana delivery service, you need to make sure you’re marketing your business properly. With SEO quickly emerging as one of the most important marketing techniques, you must get your approach right from the very beginning.


Here, we’ve looked at the six best ways to ensure a productive SEO strategy for your marijuana delivery business in 2020.


Keyword Optimization

Keywords may be the biggest single consideration when it comes to optimizing your content for search engines. Unless you know what keywords to pick and how to use them in your blog text, you’ll struggle to break into the top ten pages on Google.


Your keywords will be the words or phrases that are most relevant to what you’re writing about. If you’re a marijuana delivery service operating in, say, San Diego, your primary keyword might be something like “marijuana delivery San Diego,” or “where to order weed for delivery in Southern California.”


The best way to pick the right keyword is to think about what people are most likely to type into a search engine. The more your keyword matches search terms, the higher the search engine rankings your pages will be.


Once you’ve picked your keywords, you need to put them to work. The introduction, conclusion, and headings of your piece are the most important places for your keywords.


You should be careful, however, not to “stuff” your keywords. If you overuse them in an attempt to manipulate search engine algorithms, your ranking will suffer.


Outbound Linking

If you’ve ever written an academic paper, you’ll know all about the importance of referencing. It shows your readers where you found the information you’re basing your writing on, thereby letting them know that what they’re reading is well-researched and reliable.


While this kind of referencing isn’t usually seen in web content, the concept exists in the form of outbound links. These are hyperlinks to other websites (ideally high-authority pages) that show search engines the research you’ve put into your blogs.


With misleading information and “fake news” so prevalent today, you need to show search engines that your content is reliable. Outbound linking is the best way to achieve this.


If you need help with this area of SEO, consider investing in a blogger outreach service and link building assistance.

Inbound Linking

As noted above, the sites you link to in your blogs are crucially important. However, if your writing is so good that other sites choose to link back to your site, it can have enormous benefits for your Miami SEO. If other bloggers choose your content as referencing material, this will show search engines that what you’re producing is of high quality.


Of course, you can’t force anyone to link back to your material. To capitalize on this SEO strategy, you’ll have to produce exceptional content that other writers would want to use.


The best way to do this is by producing valuable but easily readable content. You should also include visual elements (pictures, videos, and infographics) as much as you can.


Readability is an essential consideration for several reasons. If you want your blog posts to reach a broad audience, you must bear in mind that some of your readers may not speak English as a first language. Readers coming from different linguistic backgrounds are much more likely to become paying clients if they can easily understand your blog.


However, readability has benefits for your search engine presence too. Experts believe that more accessible content typically performs much better on search engines than content that’s difficult to read and understand. 

Optimization for Mobile Devices

As cell phones and their browsing capabilities have become more sophisticated, several internet users have been surfing on phones instead of laptops or desktops. This has important implications for online content creators, as webpages appear differently on mobile devices than on computers.


To fully optimize your search engine performance, ensure that your pages appear correctly on mobile devices.


Meta Descriptions

If you’re new to content creation, this term might be new to you. However, you should get familiar with it as quickly as possible if you want your marijuana delivery business to rank well on search engines.


Meta descriptions are the lines of text you see on a search engine result just below the clickable headline. Meta titles are also of relevance here. These are like digital name tags for your webpages, which appear on browser tabs. 


While you might not always notice meta titles or descriptions when you’re on the internet yourself, search engines place a lot of importance on them.

Taking Your Marijuana Delivery Business to the Next Level With Killer SEO

As we noted at the beginning, competition is your biggest obstacle as a marijuana delivery service. There’s no shortage of demand for cannabis nowadays, but that doesn’t mean there’s room for everyone in the market.


To survive and thrive, you’ll need to dominate on search engines. The six tips we’ve shared here will allow you to do just that.


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