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Millions tune in weekly to watch Kimberly Guilfoyle co-host The Five on FOX News, she is known for her razor sharp intelligence, holding her own on the male dominated show and for her stunning beauty.
When she isn’t helping her audience navigate current events, promoting her best selling book, Making the Case, Kimberly is a mother, globetrotter and lover of everything beautiful.  We spent a little time with her talking about her favorite beauty indulgences and travel destinations.

DLX: You’re an outstanding example of an extremely well accomplished and well respected woman in a predominantly male professional environment. Your male counterparts esteem you as an equal and include you as such, while you maintain your signature, sophisticated, feminine image. For many women, this is a difficult road to navigate. Do you have any advice for our audience and how does beauty (more importantly, not compromising your signature look) play a role?

Kimberly Guilfoyle: Ever since I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be successful. Whether it was my job as a lawyer, or on TV – achieving my goals has been an important motivator. Besides that, I’ve always felt it’s healthy to both look and feel your best. Since I started working in jobs at a young age, I began to look my professional best and put time and attention into my appearance. While I was working at the DA’s office, jurors used to notice my professional appearance and it showed a sign of respect towards them. During my modeling career, it was just part of the business – healthy living, working out… the whole nine yards. Overall, I believe it’s crucial for women to present their best self, both brains and beauty — to feel more confident.

DLX: You apply your own makeup like a pro.  How did you learn?

Kimberly Guilfoyle: I’d say the first time I learned was from watching my mother get ready when I was a young girl. She always had a wonderfully beautiful appearance and she’d do her makeup very tastefully. She introduced me to Maja powder, a Spanish powder that I still use to this day and because of what it symbolizes to me – it helps cultivate my head-to-toe approach on having your outside appearance reflect what you’re like on the inside.

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DLX: What are the best tips that you have learned from the pro artists that you have worked with?

Kimberly Guilfoyle: It’s all about getting the right color down. Highlighting & blending are essential tools to learn. Also being able to tell what color palette works well with your skin is important. From working in television I’ve learned that the lighting really has an effect on the type of technique you’ll do. If I’m outside the studio I’ll apply makeup differently as opposed to when I’m in studio. I truly believe you can never go wrong with a nice brown, neutral tone for shadow and things like that – especially since it can translate well from day to evening. Two other things: I always line the inner eye with the black liner and I always have a set of lashes on hand since it really can help open up the eye. Those are the best tips I’ve learned.

DLX: As a young model, when did you start experimenting and wearing makeup?

Kimberly Guilfoyle: I started to experiment and wear makeup when I began going on photo shoots during my modeling career. Every model has to have a go kit and depending on what the shoot is, they’ll have you be camera ready. I also learned how to do different makeup for black and white vs. color photography, as well as different makeup for shooting commercials rather than a still portrait.

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DLX: Do you have a “Beauty Icon”?

Kimberly Guilfoyle: Yes, Sophia Loren! I absolutely love her style and she is such a timeless beauty. I also respect her for many different reasons – especially since many people didn’t recognize her full potential when she first came on the scene but then she learned how to utilize what made her stand out and developed her own sense of style. She’s inspirational in that sense too.

DLX: Make-up Love/Make-up Loathe?

Kimberly Guilfoyle: There’s a bunch of products I love, so I’ll have to just list them all!

  •        Bravon– they have great lip and cheek palettes
  •        Mac –  love their lip-glosses, lip shades and mineral powder
  •        Kett – the airbrush studio makeup is another go-to of mine
  •        Valerie Beverly Hills foundation – they have a duo kit that I love for the face in a medium tone
  •        Lancôme – I use this La Base Pro product for my primer… works really well.
  •        DoctorsLab– I recently discovered a new Platinum Sheet Mask from South Korea and I love it- it soothes and hydrates.

One thing I loathe… I don’t like when people put blush on people’s noses– it drives me crazy!

DLX: Favorite product to steal, or save.

Kimberly Guilfoyle: I’ve recently started using Rodan + Fields REDEFINE Regimen and I love it! I’ve tried many skincare products before and this is my favorite…it makes my skin glow! It’s the #1 anti-aging line in North America.

I also love Neutrogena face wipes – I order them in bulk from Amazon and it is my number one product for removing makeup.

DLX: Your features are delicate and naturally chiseled- do you highlight and contour in daily life?  On camera?

Kimberly Guilfoyle: I apply a little bit of highlight in cheek bone area. When it comes to contouring, I don’t really do it that often because if you overdue it… you may end up looking like Priscilla the Queen of the Desert, ha!

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DLX: You always look amazing in photos, do you have secrets you can share?

Kimberly Guilfoyle: My modeling days taught me angles, poses, how to smile with your eyes and great posture! Other tips: don’t catch a bad angle and a great smile can fix anything – bad hair day, bad outfit… anything!

DLX: What is your Sunday afternoon / casual look?

Kimberly Guilfoyle: On Sunday’s, I usually like to do brunch or go on walks through Central Park with my son & our dogs, so I tend to keep it pretty casual.

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DLX: Favorite hotel on each continent and why…

Kimberly Guilfoyle:

  •       North America – Ocean Club Bahamas (the hotel is so luxurious and the views are amazing)
  •        Asia – Mandarin Oriental in Tokyo, Japan (the rooms are absolutely amazing and the view of the skyline is incredible)
  •        Europe – Le Sirenuse in Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy (the handmade floor tiles are just some of the gorgeous details that I love. So many beautiful antique touches – right on the gorgeous coast line of one of the most romantic places in the world!)
  •        South America – Emiliano Hotel in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Rio is such a fun city and the Emiliano Hotel is absolutely stunning… really gives you the full experience)
  •        Africa – Sahara Palace Marrakech in Morocco (I cannot even put into words how magnificent this hotel is… truly one of a kind!)
  •        Antarctica –White Desert (As far as I know, White Desert is the only hotel on the continent of Antarctica – the rooms are luxuriously appointed fiberglass domes! I’ve never been to Antarctica, but it’s definitely on my bucket list.)
  •        Australia – The InterContinental in Sydney. (The rooms have stunning panoramic views of Sydney Harbor).

DLX: What is your favorite airline?

Kimberly Guilfoyle: I’d have to say Delta – they have really great customer service and I’ve always enjoyed flying with them.

DLX: Best VIP lounges…

Kimberly Guilfoyle: Two of my favorites are the Delta Sky Club and the American Express Centurion Lounges. I always have such a great experience at both and it’s such a nice way to detach and unwind before a long flight.

DLX: Most “valuable” travel “perk” that makes travel more comfortable for you.

Kimberly Guilfoyle: Whenever I get an upgrade from my platinum medallions. Also, an extra glass of vino makes for an extra smooth and more relaxed trip!

DLX: Favorite concierge experience?

Kimberly Guilfoyle: I love the concierge because whenever you need something or have questions, everything fun is right there and right at your fingertips, from the help of a seasoned professional. You need dinner reservations? Got them. Need a relaxing massage at spa? You’re all set. Ready for some fun in the sun on an excursion? It’s like you can go anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice!

Contributor Hillary Clark is a Los Angeles based celebrity makeup artist and beauty editor. She has been featured in Allure, Allure Bride, The New York Times, Marie Claire, Cosmo, Bazaar and InStyle Magazines.

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