A while back, you would have to wear the most elegant clothing you have in order to be allowed in a casino. These days the situation is slightly different but you still have to pay attention to what you will wear. This especially refers to ladies and now we will explain what you should wear. 

Your nightdress

In almost all new casinos and in older ones, when you visit them at night, you will want to wear a nightdress. The goal here is to find a dress that offers a perfect combination of elegance and sexy factors. You must not wear leggings and you should wear only a few pieces of jewelry. A dress should make you stand from the crowd but just a bit. 

When it comes to colors, you are free to choose. The most common colors for this kind are black, red and white but you can mix and match. Flashing colors are not the best idea here. 

Your outfit during the day

While the dress code during the night is relatively strict and complicated, this all goes away during the day. In this time frame, you can wear almost anything you like. Of course, avoid shorts and leggings but you get an idea. Most casinos will be happy to see you in this time frame so they won’t pay any attention to the dress code. Of course, you should dress properly.

Dressing properly means that you should dress casually. There is no need for elegant dresses but summer dress is always welcome. You will want to look smart and comfortable as long as possible. 

Inspiration from a movie stars


  • Sharon Stone in Casino


The movie was released in 1995 and it was directed by Martin Scorsese. The main actors are Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci and, of course, Sharon Stone, who got Oscar nomination thanks to this movie. The amazing dress which looks like it is covered with gold is amazing. It will definitely make you stand out from the crowd these days and you will want to stay in the dress as long as possible. 


  • Eva Green in Casino Royale


In Casino Royale, we were able to see Eva Green wearing two dresses. The first one is black, mermaid dress designed by Versace and probably the number 1 for most of you. The second is a purple dress designed by Roberto Cavalli specifically for Eva. You can always wear one of these two dresses and you will look perfect in any casino. 


  • Julia Roberts in Ocean’s Eleven


Julia Roberts appears in a golden and red dress here. We are referring to the golden dress. It looks elegant and can remind us of the Sharon Stone dress from Casino movie. The movie itself was a massive hit in Hollywood and across the world and it featured Gorge Clooney, Brad Pit and also Mat Damon, among other, extremely popular actors. 


Now you are ready to get dressed, find the casino and enjoy your daily bonus casino perks with amazing luxury and elegance. Pick the dress or casual dressing accordingly and enjoy it. 


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