Of course, with technology condensing the world and bringing everything at our fingertips, we have little need to go out. 


Everything is available right on our computer and mobile screens. 


We just have to mark our preferences with a few strokes at the keyboard. From dating apps to grocery stores, everything is available online. 


And while there is a lot of comfort, it does take a lot away from the joy of the outdoors. 


You can definitely play FIFA on your computer. But introspect carefully, will it give you the same feeling as rolling on the muddy fields and scoring a goal? 


The wonder of witnessing things in the physical realm is more than that what the virtual world has to offer. 


And one such experiences that we are going to be talking about is that of casinos.


Why Talk about the Brick-and-Mortar Casino Experience?


It is no secret that gambling is a fun experience that you can indulge in while at home. You just have to log into a credible site and start playing. But it does dilute the experience a bit. 


This is not to insinuate that online gambling is not fun. It definitely is. In fact, according to Slotsformoney.com, online gambling is a great source of revenue and has a wide range of games. 


However, online gambling also steals the joy of visiting the best casinos in the world, especially for the gambling enthusiasts. 


On that note, we thought it would be ideal to talk about the casinos we cannot stop rooting for. 


Most of these casinos are now closed due to COVID-19. However, once they open up, you can head over to one or more of these for a wholesome casino experience.


In no particular order, here are a few casinos that we thought deserve your attention. Feel free to add on to the list and enhance your gambling experience all the same.

The Bellagio in Las Vegas:


Las Vegas is no longer the gambling capital of the world. 


It has been long replaced by Macau. However, some of the casinos in Vegas are nothing less than icons. One such casino is The Bellagio. 


High on architectural quotient, this casino has been ever gambler’s delight since years. From a myriad of table games to some of the best slot games- it has it all. 


The slots pay out massive jackpots which shall only enhance a gambler’s experience. Sit by the fountains or enjoy the ambience of the casino, the call is yours. 


Venetian in Macau:


Macau has not replaced Las Vegas as the gambling capital of the world for no reason. 


The total surface area of the casino is about 530,000 square feet and has different themes of casino floors. This makes the Venetian the largest casino in the world. 


The casino has over 500 tables and 3400 slot machines. And even if the games and the slot machines do not excite you, the décor of the casino sure will. 


The majestic rooms and the glamorous ambience shall tweak your overall gambling experience and leave you wanting more.

Monte Carlo in Monaco:


Monte Carlo in Monaco has stood as a testament to Monaco’s history and progress for long. 


It was built on the land initially used to grow citrus trees. The construction of the casino started sometime in 1863 and added a new angle to Monaco’s culture. 


Monte Carlo flaunts of a plethora of table games for you to choose from. 


Plus, the décor of the casino with its exteriors, make for a wholesome experience. In fact, Monte Carlo also has some private rooms for those who can afford it. 


Therefore, if you are a gambler of sort or a fan of aesthetics, this casino must be in your bucket list.

Casino Baden Baden in Germany:


One last casino that we need to mention in this list is the Casino Baden Baden in Germany. 


The casino has drama written all over it. From some majestic poker rooms to relaxing spas, this casino has everything. 


Stately in appearance, you shall be enamoured by its charm once you step foot inside. The casino has seen some highs and lows in its lifetime, but still continues to hold its own. 


Therefore, if you have Germany on your list anytime soon, pay Casino Baden Baden a visit.



The list is, of course, not comprehensive. There are several other casinos that we would love for you to visit. 


Sun City Resort in South Africa, Caesar’s Palace in Vegas and The Hippodrome in London are our other picks. However, if you needed any place to start with, this guide could be of value to you. 


Dig around some more and keep adding to your list to make your gambling experience a fulfilling one.


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