Lately you’ve probably came across ‘CBD products’. A lot of people use them nowadays. You probably know someone that uses CBD, and you might even think about it yourself. Before using CBD however, there are a few important things you should know. For example the dosage, the different product types and the brands. In this article we explain all these sorts of ‘CBD basics’, so make sure to read the whole article before buying CBD.

What is CBD?

Let’s start with the beginning. What is CBD exactly? CBD is a compound (also called a ‘cannabinoid’) that naturally occurs is the hemp plant. Together with CBD, there are over 100 of these compounds. CBD is however the most famous one, next to THC. THC is the compound in marihuana that’s known for its psychoactive effects. However; CBD isn’t psychoactive. So don’t worry; CBD products will not get you high.Are you also thinking whether CBD legal or not? They’re also 100% legal in all states of the US, and a lot of other countries as well. A lot of people confuse CBD with THC, but the only similarity is that they both occur in cannabis. Other than that, the 2 compounds are completely different.

Why should you use CBD?

Alright, we know what CBD is now. But why should you use it? The main reason to use CBD is for its potential health benefits. Because CBD has a lot of them! The most common reasons to use CBD may help minimize chronic pain and reducing anxiety/stress, depression and pain. However, it can also be used for things like epilepsy. A reason to pick CBD over other supplements is that CBD doesn’t have negative side-effects. It’s also quite cheap, and you can’t build tolerance to it! For most substances you can build tolerance, but CBD has the opposite, called ‘reverse tolerance’. This means that CBD works better after a while!

How to use CBD?

CBD comes in many different products. The most common one is CBD oil. This is an oil that comes in a tincture. You need to drops the oil in these tinctures under your tongue, so it can absorb. This is also called ‘sublingual’. Another common option is through vaping. You can for example use vape CBD juice, CBD vape pens, pods or hemp flower. Other options include CBD gummies, capsules/softgels and topicals for your skin. As you can see there’s a lot to choose from. So try several CBD products, and see which one you like yourself!

CBD brands

You may have noticed that there are tons of brands that sell CBD. Among them are good ones, but unfortunately also bad ones. We recommend checking reviews from reliable sources before buying your CBD products. Especially when it comes to hemp it’s important to check CBD flower reviews, to avoid buying bad products. Bad products won’t be as effective as high-quality and pure CBD products, so don’t waste your money. For CBD oil it’s recommend to use the buyer’s guide.If you want to widen your knowledge and be connected with cannabis enthusiasts, there are various cannabis networks .

How much do you need to take?

How much CBD you need to take depends on several factors. The first one is the product type. When you vape CBD for example, you generally need less of it than when taking CBD capsules. This is because CBD is absorbed more effectively in certain ways compared to others. The second factor is the reason for taking CBD products. When you use CBD to reduce anxiety for example, you need way less compared to using CBD to treat epilepsy. The third factor is that everyone’s different.  Therefore it’s very hard to determine the exact dosage that you need. Nevertheless it’s very important that you don’t take too less or too much. So the general recommendation when it comes to taking CBD is starting with a low amount. Increase your dosage gradually, until you’ve found your ‘sweet spot’. This way you avoid taking too much right away. 

Different types of CBD

The final thing you should know is that there are different types of CBD. Find strain reviews here Full spectrum is the one that contains all the other cannabinoids next to CBD. So also a very small amount of THC (only 0.3% or less). Therefore, this one has the most powerful potential benefits. Isolate on the other hand only contains ‘CBD’, no other cannabinoids. Isolate is less powerful because of this, but since there’s 0.0% THC in it, you’re 100% sure that you won’t test positive when getting drug-tested. The third option is the ‘in between’ option; broad spectrum. This one contains all compounds like full spectrum, but without THC. So; the best of both worlds!”


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