You may have heard about a hot glue gun. For those who don’t know, these are devices that are used to disperse hot melted adhesives to stick two or more metal parts together. Talking about the hot melts, they are tubular-structured sticks made of thermoplastic. 


Originally, they were created as an enhanced version of water-based adhesives. They can be used for a large number of materials and projects. From delicate clothes to dense wood, a hot glue gun can stick anything with ease. The following are the various uses of a hot glue gun.


Applications of hot glue gun 


From industries to home-based projects, a hot glue gun provides a plethora of applications such as: 

  • Retail manufacturing
  • Shipment and packaging 
  • Woodworking 
  • Recreational Décor


How to properly use a hot glue gun 


Depending on the design of your gun, the hot melt is pushed inside the back part of your gun with a trigger. Inside the back part, the glue stick starts melting. Also, there are valves in the front opening of your gun that prevents the glue from spilling out.


There are a lot of newer models that provide you with a transparent view of the glue. Therefore, with such models, you can determine if an adequate amount of glue is melted or not. In general, the melting process can take anywhere around two to five minutes.


There’s a thermostat that keeps the temperature of the glue gun in control. So, when the heat current exceeds the sensitivity limit of the thermostat, the melting process is thawed automatically. That’s why you can use the hot glue gun without burning your hands.


On the tip of your gun, there’s a metal nozzle from where the hot glue is dispersed. Make sure to keep your hands away from this part because it is directly exposed to hot glue and can burn your hand. However, some newer models provide a rubber covering on the nozzle as well. 


Benefits of a hot glue gun 


  • A hot glue gun has a long shelf life. Therefore, you can store it for a longer time without worrying about it getting decayed.  
  • While disposing of, there are no specific environmental precautions that you need to follow. You can dispose of them as your other waste material. 
  • A glue gun does not create a huge waste. Most of its part is utilized in work, and you don’t have to clean the mess.
  • In a hot glue gun, there are no volatile organic compounds, thus, making it safer to use than its other alternatives. 
  • They dry fast and stick to the surface immediately. 
  • While you perform the process of curing on your hot glue gun adhesive, you will not have to worry about the loss of thickness.
  • If you want to create seals that are tamper-resistant, glue guns certainly fit the match for you. 
  • You can even add your own colours in glue gun adhesives if you would like them to blend in with the colour of the material that you are bonding.


Exclusively for industry settings, a hot glue gun can provide you with a large number of benefits as compared to solvent-based adhesives. They can dry faster and provide you with a strong bond. This way, you can save a lot of time in the preparation endeavours. You can find a lot more info here about glue guns.


Bottom Line 


A glue gun can be extremely helpful when you are looking for faster yet subtle adhesives. From your regular school project to industrial applications, a glue gun’s plethora of applications can provide you with a great experience. Therefore, make sure that you give it a shot. 


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