Bright lights, expensive cars and good looking people are things easily associated with Monaco.

The Principality of Monaco is a sovereign city-state located in Western Europe. This piece of heaven lies on the French Riviera and overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. The small country is impressive for so many things; aside from being the second smallest state in the world, it’s also the most densely populated one.

French is the official language of Monaco and in 2014 approximately 37,800 people lived there. The country uses the Euro as the sole currency and it boasts a strong economy.

Nonetheless, the real deal about Monaco is far more attractive than facts about its location and population. This destination is probably the heart of Europe when it comes to luxurious life-style, gambling and partying.

Playing casino games at popular online casinos like this destination site it’s not even close to the atmosphere in the Monte Carlo Casino. Having a party at your city’s best club or restaurant cannot be even compared to a night out at the Crystal Terrasse.

In other words, Monaco is better than everything you’ve ever seen and experienced so far.

Gambling at Its Finest

So, let’s find out some of the luxurious experiences a person can have while at Monaco.

It’s impossible not to start with the unique Monte Carlo Casino. Placed in a fabulous building that features a casino, the Les Ballets de Monte Carlo offices and the Grand Theatre de Monte Carlo, this is a must see attraction.

This grand destination was opened 153 years ago in 1863.

Visitors can forget about going there in casual clothes since nobody is allowed to ruin the perfect image found inside.

Gamblers can enjoy various kinds of roulette, blackjack, baccarat, craps, stud poker and Trente et Quarante. Moreover, there are slot machines and video poker machines for those that wants some fast-paced gambling.


Luxury Travel

Want to visit top notch hotels? Want to wake up with a stunning view of the gorgeous Mediterranean coast? That’s not a problem in Monaco since the country has a wide selection of high class accommodation; it doesn’t really matter whether you plan to arrive in a Mercedes or a yacht.

Here are top three options to consider:

  • Hotel Hermitage Monte-Carlo – the list of amenities of this destination is too long and includes crystal bar, winter garden, spa, harbour, fine dining restaurants and what not;
  • Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo – it has a great location, spa facilities and an enormous swimming pool. Moreover, it holds a Michelin star and welcomes your pets. What more can you ask for;
  • Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo – a pool, spa amenities, a casino and even a luxurious Le Louis XV restaurant are part of the amenities this fantastic destination offers to visitors.

Moreover, while you are in Monaco you can always take a walk to the marina and check out the out-of-this-world yachts.

Some of them can be rented, thus your luxury holiday can be taken to a whole new level. If you, by any chance own such a yacht, then consider joining the Yacht Club de Monaco or take part in the Monaco Yacht Show.


Party Like a Millionaire

For a magical night out go to Monaco. More precisely, go to one of Monaco’s top nightclubs and lounge bars.

Exclusive drinks, luxurious atmosphere and state of the art furniture will help you forget all those everyday problems.

This travel destination has something for everyone, regardless their preferences. Below you will find only a few options to simply get the idea of what to expect:

  • Crystal Terrasse – enjoy a stunning view of the Mediterranean Sea, The Rock of Monaco and Port Hercule. Naturally, you’ll be in a cosy and exclusive lounge atmosphere;
  • Buddha-Bar Monte-Carlo – despite the fact that Buddha-Bar has a zen attitude and relaxed atmosphere, everything about this top destination is luxurious;
  • La Rascasse – iconic place where you can party till dawn. During the days it’s a perfect destination for having a lunch and enjoying live music;
  • Blue Gin – the extra-ordinary design and the DJ are two things often associated with Blue Gin. However, the stunning view from the terrace by the sea and the billiards room mustn’t be overlooked either;
  • Sea Longue Monte-Carlo – this place is a must for all seekers of luxurious events starting in the afternoon and ending the next morning. The fantastic spot is lulled by the waves of the sea, surrounded by palm trees and crowded with gorgeous people.Bright lights, expensive cars and good looking people are things easily associated with Monaco. Here are some tips on how to enjoy the experience in Monaco.
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