Mandarin Oriental Atlanta

Enjoying the views of the Mandarin Oriental Atlanta.

At 42 stories high, sits an intimate and secluded destination that might just escape the busy onlooker’s gaze. The Mandarin Oriental Atlanta is an intimate and relaxing destination situated off of Peachtree Road in the heart of Buckhead. With local shopping and high-end dining within walking distance of the hotel, it’s central to the city.


Mandarin Oriental Atlanta lies in the middle of the Buckhead skyline. 

Upon arrival, the hospitality that heavily defines the southern way of life was immediately palpable. The subtle and gorgeously curated art gallery by Bill Lowe lines the inner walls of the warm and inviting halls. It’s an environment that constantly teases the imagination for an extended and indefinite stay. Every new glance brings about a minutia of detail where the Oriental has paid tribute.


We enjoyed the cool garden breeze during our stay. This was an ideal location to read and enjoy the natural essence of the location.

The cafe resonates again with the tonal distinctions of intimacy. It’s tucked away neatly in the corner of the lobby, but once through the threshold, the expanse opens up to a charming and affectionate dining room. Seasonal dishes are present and there is no reason to leave the hotel. We were served delicious and tender sea bass followed by the nightcap that their bartender offered as our welcome treat.


The temperature was brisk and lukewarm – ideal for a dip in the pool.













A glimpse at the bedroom. 

The jewel of the Mandarin Oriental is its spa. The Atlanta exclusive regional treatment Peaches and Cream Journey is a staple and is an absolute must. With an expansive garden primed for events, it’s the ideal lineup for the holidays. If you’re looking for a romantic getaway in 2017 or just an excellent spot for some rest and relaxation, we recommend their spa.


As mentioned previously, the Mandarin Oriental Atlanta finds itself on a side street of a bustling luxury area, however, this seclusion affords serenity and silence. A dip in the tub and deep sleep is highly recommended for the ultimate in relaxation.

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