With the recent trend of always being “plugged-in” and “connected” to the world through our phones, there has been a recent shift in growing meditation studios. The Believe or Leave (BOL) meditation studio recently launched in the buzzing La Brea neighborhood in Los Angeles.

Katharina Kowalewski by Philipp Mueller.

The sanctuary is modern yet vintage inspired with chandeliers, wooden art pieces, and candles. The BOL founder and French fashion designer, Igal Benhamou, handpicked every detail: from a special fragrance created in Paris Laboratories to a view of the stars and planets, to the most comfortable meditation cushions in town, you can feel the Parisian flair from the second you enter the new space.

The studio offers meditation selections from Vedic to Kundalini, a signature BOL formula, and a special private class à la cart service for companies and individuals who prefer to learn one on one.

BOL has signed German actress and director Katharina Kowalewski as chief brand activist representing the new generation of avant-garde meditators. She is the Los Angeles-based brand’s first official endorsement. With the rising trend in meditation, she mentioned “It’s time to spread the joy and happiness that meditation can provide in a modern way… meditation is becoming the next yoga.”

This move of a fashion brand embracing spirituality is reflecting the new “luxury consciousness” of consumers. Instead of opening a flagship store for the clothing line, BOL kicks off with a unique meditation experience. After all, health and wellness are becoming the norm for all age groups as consumers are becoming more aware of their well being. With yoga studios increasing, it’s only natural to open meditation studios to disconnect from the world and become more in-tune with yourself.

All images courtesy of Tom Keller unless otherwise noted.

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