Online gambling is one of the fastest-growing industries around today, turning over billions of dollars each year. As well as an endless array of online casinos, punters are also placing bets on sports via their smartphones, tablets and home computers. You can place a bet on just about any sport, and online betting draws in people who wouldn’t usually wager through traditional land-based bookmakers. Whether you like betting on the races, football, basketball or boxing, you’ll find a variety of odds available, at your fingertips. There are many reasons behind the phenomenal rise in online sports betting in terms of popularity and market dominance, and we’re going to look more closely at some of them. 


Passion for Sports

A big motivating factor for people placing bets is their passion for sports. Professional sport gets the blood running hot, especially when our team is playing. The stakes seem high, even without gambling! But often, fans of a team will bet on them out of hope or loyalty – and a win at the bookies will add sweetness to a win on the field. Many sports fans like to place bets on events where they don’t swear loyalty to one side or another, and these bets are either more calculated or just to enhance their enjoyment of a game. Being a spectator is more fun when you have a side to cheer for, even if your only motivation is a bet you placed before the game. Online sports betting makes it more convenient for casual fans to see odds and place bets. 



Part of the massive appeal of online gambling is simple – it is easy to do. Mobile apps are intuitive and simple to use, and make it straightforward for someone who isn’t necessarily well versed in gambling jargon and know-how to place bets with confidence. Not to mention the fact that it is possible to place bets anywhere, at any time, just with a few clicks on your smartphone or tablet. It is this level of convenience and flexibility that is opening the market up dramatically, and motivates Joe Public to get involved with sports betting. Some restrictions apply depending on your location, but by using websites like you can find appropriate information on placing bets in your area. Each bookmaker has a dedicated app to use, so all you need is an internet connection.


A Warm Welcome

It can be a little bit intimidating stepping into a bookmaker or a casino, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. Online betting sites make new users feel immediately welcome, bets are easy to place, and you usually have some information spelling out exactly what you’re wagering on, and what the potential returns are. Most online casinos or sportsbooks will have promotional bonuses for players upon sign up, and this is another big factor in drawing new or inexperienced punters in. As well as bonuses, mobile gambling sites have recognised the need for thorough and informative customer support, so you will find information about whichever sport you wish to place a bet on, and more often than not, a 24/7 live chat support team to help you with any queries, complaints or technical issues. 


Making Money

Although many people have a tentative flutter to liven up their spectator experience, a big motivator for placing bets online is the chance to win big. Seasoned punters will place bets strategically on all sorts of sports, and with bookmakers offering inviting odds to keep the public happy, the chances of a big payday are increased. So it may be stating the obvious slightly to say that people want to win money, but at the end of the day, that is what gambling is all about. However, betting is unpredictable, and it should always be fun, so don’t gamble with more than you can afford to lose!


Prizes and Promotions

We mentioned bonuses for new customers earlier on, but the gambling industry knows a thing or two about customer loyalty, and they want punters to come back time and again. That’s why there are so many prizes and promotions appealing to repeat players. Aside from just money, online bookmakers have been known to give away cars, holidays, bikes and electronic gadgets. Some sites offer monthly promotions, so it does pay to exercise some brand loyalty if you enjoy placing bets on sport. 


These are just a few reasons that millions of people are besotted with online sports betting. Great odds, options, prizes and convenience add up to an exciting, ever-growing gambling industry. 





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