Today marks the very first day of the first ever Men’s Fashion Week in NYC. Menswear is one of the fastest growing markets globally and we finally got to see why. Designers created an array of colors, materials and shapes for their Spring/Summer 2016 collections.

We celebrated by scoping out a few of the hottest new menswear designers to date at the Cadillac sponsored New York Men’s Day event held at Industria Superstudios in the West Village.

Radiant Silver Cadillac

Cadillac had each designer in its showcase create a custom paint job for one of their new cars. Above is a clean model dressed in “Radiant Silver” at the heart of the event.


Morning shows like Boys Wear NYC, David Hart and Garcia Velez left us feeling easy and bright focusing on soft 1970’s reminiscent pastels of yellow and blue with electric orange and fun prints.

Boyswear SS16

Boys Wear NYC (ABOVE) presentation featured sporty loose silhouettes, cartoons, bright sunny colors and a signature rodent motif wearing daisy flowers over its eyes.

David Hart SS16-3

David Hart (ABOVE) stuck to his traditional 1920’s inspired tailoring but with a modern twist of retro color and modern geographic shapes.


Garcia Velez SS16

Garcia Velez (ABOVE) also lending an eye to pastels of yellow and blue but in a gradient formation layered between indigo denim and navy knits.



Afternoon shows took their color pallets down slightly to traditional black, white camel, navy blue. Sportswear and suits of Matiere. Carlos Campos, and Eponymous Manhattan all showed double-breasted jackets, tailored fits and clean lines.

Matiere SS16

Matiere (ABOVE) showing simple mesh, nylon and twill comfortable and clean lined active sportswear.


Carlos Campos SS16

Carlos Campos SS16



Courtney McKenna and Designer Carlos Campos (ABOVE). Campos showing traditionally tailored camel, navy and hunter green designs.


Eponymous Manhattan SS16.

Eponymous Manhattan SS16

Eponymous Manhattan (ABOVE) was fully inspired by perfectly tailored Cuban designs reminiscent of the 1920’s complete with prominent neck collars, and straw hats.


Fingers Crossed and Kenneth Ning developed the shapes of their garments in very current sweeping silhouettes and ultra soft materials in a spiced pallet of mustard seed yellow and burgundy mixed with bright red.

Fingers Crossed SS16

Fingers Crossed SS16

Fingers Crossed SS16.

Fingers Crossed (ABOVE) Presented “When the Sun Turns Out His light” as the most current to trend, on point presentation today in sportswear. Displaying a variety of subtle patterns implemented between crushed velveteen and slouchy linen, it was difficult not to take the entire collection home right away.

Kenneth Ning SS16.

Keneth Ning SS16.

Kenneth Ning (ABOVE) adds mandala inspired lace patterns and embroidery to his garments to evoke energy and chaos layered over his more traditional material of pinstripe suit fabric.