If you are going to play online roulette, it is smart to do this with a good strategy. This is because a good strategy can advance your game. This increases the chance that you will make the right choices because you feel more confident about yourself.

Of course, a strategy is just a useful tool that can help you. Of course, it is not the case that a strategy is always a guarantee of winning in the long term when you play online roulette. Of course, that does not mean that the following things can serve you well when you get started in the online casino.

The strategies you will find here are generally applicable to any online roulette games. You can apply these in well-known live casino roulette variants such as Immersive Roulette or Lightning Roulette.

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Online roulette strategies and systems

Online roulette strategies come in a number of different forms most can be found on different casino review websites. That means that there is not just one way to Rome. Based on your own experience and skills, you can determine which strategy suits you best.

Some variants are very easy to follow; others are just a bit more extensive. For that reason alone, it is, therefore, also important to highlight each of the strategies in the following paragraphs. This gives a good idea of ​​the available possibilities. It is, therefore, a lot easier to choose a system.

Martingale roulette strategy

Martingale is the best-known strategy when it comes to roulette. It is also called the Red Bet system. You then choose to play a specific color and then keep it up.

The key component of this strategy is that you have to rely on your choice. When you lose, you must therefore also dare to bet twice on your next turn.


  • Easy to understand
  • Always a 50 percent chance.
  • A right way not to lose too quickly


  • No big profits with the right choice
  • Also a 50 percent chance of loss.
  • Makes the game less exciting


James bond strategy

The James Bond system is named after the famous character of Ian Flemming’s books and movies. It is the spy who is world-famous and always has a trick to get it right. 

This strategy can help you spread the odds and is, therefore, often successful because you bet on several things simultaneously. Because you bet on so many different numbers, your chance of winning is also 60%. This is high.


  • High chance of profit
  • Always the same numbers, so a lot of regularity.
  • Spreading your chances


  • Always the same
  • Need a lot of money to make the different bets
  • Sometimes no merit in profit through the spread.


One hit wonder strategy

One hit wonder is a strategy based on a good dose of luck that you should have when you play online roulette games. It is the strategy where you do nothing but chooses the same number repeatedly when you play.

That means that you always play the same number, and that way, you hope to get it right and win a lot.


  • The simplest form of betting
  • Win up to 35 times your stake
  • Can be repeated endlessly


  • Minimal chance of success
  • In case of a profit, it is more likely to cover losses than to be profitable.
  • Need a lot of patience


Fibonacci roulette

The Fibonacci roulette strategy is a system based on a mathematical sequence. The name Fibonacci, therefore, comes from a mathematician who invented it. You choose a bet based on your previous choices, starting at 0, then 1 and then the sum of the last two options.

You bet on a 50/50 chance, for example, red or black.


  • 50/50 chance of winning
  • Choice is easy
  • Earn a lot with profit


  • Losses can add up considerably with a lousy series
  • Little risk and therefore boring
  • No variation in the choice possible


D’Alembert system

The D’Alembert system is actually a reverse version of the Martingale system. When you choose this strategy, you bet on a 50/50 chance, for example, red or black, or even or odd. 

The difference, however, is that you assume profit. Instead of doubling your bet when you lose, you halve when you win. This will help protect yourself from overconfidence.


  • 50/50 chance of winning
  • Less chance of losing your loss
  • Easy to understand


  • Only 50/50 odds
  • Not a big profit with the right guess
  • Little own contribution to the system.


Red bet strategy

The Red bet roulette strategy is best described as an advanced form of the Martingale strategy. It is the strategy where you start with a basic bet on red. When you lose, you double this bet.

Also, you shift your basic bet to black. If you win, you start again. If you lose, you double red again and bet your basic bet on black again.


  • Easy to understand
  • Already possible with a low stake.
  • Successful in the long term


  • Loss can add up quickly, especially in the beginning.
  • A little variation, always red and black.
  • No big profits with the right choice


Pivot / Andrucci system

The Pivot / Andrucci system is a system that requires a lot of work. You will first have to find out what the numbers are relatively often on a particular roulette wheel. When you have found this out, you will bet on this number.

Preferably with amounts that are as large as possible. This is how you try to book profits.


  • Big profit with the right guess
  • Always a fixed number of betting
  • Always to use


  • A lot of work in advance
  • Can differ considerably per table
  • It can also cause a loss due to limited variation.


Which online roulette strategy is right for you?

When you choose a strategy yourself, it is important that you do not just pick randomly. There are a number of things to keep in mind. Consider, for example, the budget you have. With a low basic bet, it is best to choose a system that is designed for this. Your experience is also an important factor.

When you have played more, you can use the more complicated strategies that require more math or research. This depends on your own experience as a player. When you start playing roulette, you will quickly notice how well it works for you.

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