Sometimes, ‘alone’ is a beautiful thing: it offers you a chance to process your thoughts, absorb exciting Israel travel experiences, detox from being ‘on’ with other people, and even establish unexpected friendships. Many aspects of solo travel can make you stronger. However, don’t overlook the nuances for such trips and the fact that solo travel experiences vary depending on one’s preferences. So, as we dive into this discussion, keep in mind that ‘alone’ doesn’t mean ‘loneliness’ or ‘solitude.’

Both ‘alone’ and ‘loneliness’ are centered on the concept of having no company. However, they exist on opposing sides of a spectrum of travel experience. In some situations, circumstances that trigger solitude can turn into an inward bout of a darker counterpoint – loneliness. The good news is that travelling solo doesn’t mean being the only passenger in a plane or the only person roaming the Negev Desert.

Israel has quite a lot to offer its visitors. Right from Tel Aviv’s stunning beaches and Jerusalem’s religious sites and the calming Negev Desert, both solo and group travelers have an array of landscapes, beaches, and other features to marvel at. Israel is a small country full of natural beauty and wondrous sites in both urban and desert landscapes. Besides, it’s associated with fascinating cultures to explore. For any solo traveler, there is a broad collection of Israel experiences for you.

Getting ready to travel solo

Nearly everyone has an excuse not to travel. Probably you don’t have relatives or friends to accompany you, and you’ve never been to Israel before. Does this mean you will be lonely during the entire trips? Before you book a flight to Israel or make a hotel reservation, here are a few things that can make your trip more exciting.

Ditch the ‘tourist’ thoughts

You will be travelling on your own, and you shouldn’t draw unwanted attention to yourself. One benefit of solo travel is that it’s easier to interact with the locals and even other travelers. However, behaving like a rookie tourist with lots of maps filling your huge backpack, a Canon camera hanging on your neck, and asking everyone for direction might make things a little bit hard for you. Locals can spot tourists miles away, and they’ll treat you like one.

Try to blend in the community. Dress like the locals and learn a bit of their language. This is a sure way to meet individuals who may even notice you’re from a far-away country. And even if they do, there is a good chance they’ll think of you as a traveler seeking new experience and willing to share the great moments with them.

Master the art of ‘being your own company’

Enjoying your own company isn’t something that comes naturally. It’s a skill worth pushing yourself to learn it. Spending some time alone lets you do what you want without worrying about possible distractions or compromising your time away for other people’s references. You can still sit peacefully in one of the famous beaches in Israel or watch an outstanding street performance in a town square while maintaining the state of ‘being alone’ in your thoughts. This is a glorious state of calmness.

Group activities are a great idea too

The concept of solo travel doesn’t imply you must do everything on your own. There are many group activities you can join at your destination. For instance, you can join walking tours, sporting activities, volunteer programs, and even language classes. Participating in group activities can distract you from thoughts that might make you feel lonely.

Stay connected with your family and friends

It’s exciting to share your travel experiences with your family, friends, and even social media fans and followers. For instance, you can share videos and photographs on Instagram ‘stories’ and feed. This is a good way of sharing random observations you would not deem worthy of your regular posts on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms. For instance, you can post pictures or short videos of you enjoying hummus in a local restaurant in Tel Aviv.

Sharing these little experiences with your loved ones and social media followers can help you feel more connected to your home. It’s also recommended to call your parents, spouse, or even your best friends via Google Voice or skype. You can also vide-chat with them. Those familiar and friendly voices are always the perfect cure whenever you’re feeling blue. You can also set aside an hour to catch up with people from home and erase the feeling that you are physically away from your loved ones.

Lastly, carry a book

Being on your own in a far-away country does not mean that you just want to talk to other people. Having a good book to read is an excellent way of enjoying your time abroad. You can choose a specific book about your desired destination or an exciting novel.

Solo travel is an excellent source of inspiration, and the key to a great solo trip lies behind preparing adequately.