The concept of solo travel has become popular during the last decade, and everyone wants to experience it at least once. While traveling with family or friends is exciting, solo trips give you the opportunity to connect with yourself and get a new perspective on life. You can make the experience a notch higher by traveling with weed. Even as the idea of weed solo tourism sounds exciting, there are a few things to bear in mind before you embark because traveling alone has some implications. Here is an ultimate weed tourism guide for a solo traveler.

Research your destination 

Whether you plan to travel overseas or take a road trip to a neighboring state, it is vital to understand the weed laws of your destination. It becomes all the more important to know the local cannabis laws when you are doing it alone because you wouldn’t have anyone to help if you get into trouble. Choosing a weed-friendly destination is a no-brainer. 

Even if cannabis is legal at your destination, there will be some rules related to legally permissible amount in possession and smoking in public that you will need to abide by. It is equally important to research about the best places to buy cannabis when you are actually there.

Know the products that work for you

For a solo traveler who wants to relish weed on the trip, it is vital to know what products work for you. It is advisable to stick to the products, modes of delivery, and doses that you normally use back home. Refresh your knowledge about CBD and THC because it would help you pick the right products. Also, bear in mind the purpose of use, whether you are doing it for medicinal or recreational benefits.

You may want to try something new on the trip but make sure that you choose with care and know what to expect. For example, ghost bubba makes a great option if you want to relax in the evenings after exploring the best that the city has to offer. It hits fast and makes you feel warm and sedated, which makes it ideal if you want to stay indoors. 

Prioritize safety

When it comes to traveling solo, safety is always the top concern, and it becomes all the more important when you consume weed. As a rule of thumb, you must stick to the safest dosage levels, even if it means that you have to go lower than the usual you take home. Focus on making your experience safe and enjoyable because overdosing will only land you in trouble.

You need to be extra conscious with edibles because it is hard to assess how much is too much with these products. Discussing the optimal dosage in detail with the local budtender is a good idea. Also, pay attention to your tolerance levels because you know your body the best. Be patient and let the effects set in before taking a second serving.  

Solo trips with weed can render eye-opening experiences, provided that you are cautious with safety. Follow the general solo travel safety rules and go the extra mile when you plan to get high. 

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