We all know the feeling of being run down and of not having enough energy to enjoy your day. It’s terrible when you get home and the first thing you want to do is curl up in a ball with a glass of wine and watch the TV. Well, it’s not too bad some of the time, but if it’s all you want to do every evening, it can get a bit sad. Take a look at these easy ways to recharge your batteries and to get more out of your life.



This is an age-old way to recharge your body and your mind, and is something that so many people do every day to reinvigorate themselves. Why not try listening to a guided meditation from the internet, or log onto a resource like ‘Smiling Mind’ for a way to get more out of your day. Meditation is so good for the body and for the mind, and it really does help to give you some peace when you need it the most.  


Take a mini break

Sometimes you can meditate and it’s all ok, and other times you really do need to physically get away from it all. Try taking a mini break away for a while, perhaps heading out to the countryside or to the beach, and enjoy the feeling of the stress simply melting away. You can even stay in a hotel in the city you live in for the ultimate short break – and Melbourne serviced apartments are a great way to put your feet up and relax.


Enjoy a healthy week

Your mental energy relies heavily on your healthy diet, and sometimes it’s important to give your body’s organs a break and to take some time to yourself with a great and healthy diet. Choose organic and vegetarian where you can, and enjoy the health benefits and the mental relief.


Fast for a day or two

There is an ancient tradition of fasting which is practiced by many people worldwide, and it can be hugely beneficial to you. You need to make sure you consult with a physician before beginning a fast, and that you follow a program so that you don’t fall ill or get faint.


Do some exercise

Often, getting a much-needed boost can be as easy as just hopping on your bike and going for a spin, or heading outside for a run or a walk, and the endorphins that you get can be equal to having a coffee or some sugar. Speaking of which…


Eat some chocolate

This is a natural way to get a great boost – and people have been eating chocolate for a boost for thousands of years. The Aztecs knew its value and used to drink it during religious ceremonies. Yum.


Hang out with a friend

The good vibes that you get from hanging out with a mate are unparalleled. Enjoy the awesomeness that comes from being close with someone as you do something fun or silly like going to a movie or taking a walk in the park.


I hope that these short and simple ways to re-energise and reinvigorate prove to be helpful for you and that you enjoy a calm and serene day and week in your life. Don’t forget that you need to have enough time for yourself in order to feel good, so don’t feel bad about saying no to things sometimes, too. Often, it’s having the strength to turn something down in favour of taking some alone time that gives us the biggest boost – so if you pair one of these activities with your alone time, you’ll see the benefit in spades.

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