Destination Luxury is an industry leader in the luxury sector bringing the latest in hospitality, tech, design, lifestyle and more to a new audience of luxury fans hungry for the latest news and content. Our mission is to be the most progressive luxury media brand in the world, capturing the most exclusive of locales, events, and people in alluring, poignant and inspiring features. We strive to create compelling content, that inspires and cultivates the established and growing breed of luxury consumers. With engaging content and the millions we reach monthly through our social channels, we blend and create the best in the varied categories of luxury living.

In addition, Destination Luxury is a one-stop shop service provider adapting to the needs of luxury brands in the evolving media industry, in a variety of ways designed to suit your brand.

The Team.

The Destination Luxury team collectively has more than 30 years experience in the luxury sector, having created editorial in major publications across the globe including Vogue, Elle, Travel + Leisure, Wall Street Journal, and many others. Our video portfolio has been featured as well on a myriad of broadcast outlets including Extra!, Entertainment Tonight and The Today Show.

Destination Luxury motivates its readers to travel to unique destinations, experience Michelin Star Restaurants and engage in the most spectacular events. Our goal is to educate our audience on all facets of luxury – big and small – on a global level.

Stella Song, Chief Executive Officer.

Stella Song brings more than 10 years of experience as an established CEO in the global fashion industry. Born into the fashion industry, she has acquired a spectrum of knowledge in luxury and fashion from her experiences living and conducting business in Paris, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, New York, and Los Angeles. Stella is the founder of Well*Made Co, a company specializing in pattern and sample making, import and export services, and general production packages for large and small companies. She’s also founder and CEO of Clothio LLC, specializing in basic and novelty fabrics as well as custom fabric development.

Chirag Sagar, Chief Operating Officer.

Chirag Sagar brings 6 years of operational infrastructure experience under his belt. Formerly, he founded the social media agency called Social Light Media, helping businesses and high profiled individuals align their brand, marketing, and social media objectives to amplify their online social presence. Prior to that, he served as Managing Director for the White House-recognized non-profit, Moneythink, the largest and only movement of young people working to restore the economic health of America through financial education. He has been recognized for his work globally by President Obama at the White House and in publications such as The Huffington Post, The Chicago Tribune, The Wall Street Journal and Forbes. Chirag can be reached here

David Christopher Lee, Founder & Publisher.

David Christopher Lee brings a unique blend of perspectives with more than 18 years of experience photographing and filming luxury hotels and resorts, restaurants, high fashion, and celebrities. From his assignments around the world, his work embodies a global knowledge inside the innermost realms of the luxury market. He has photographed some of the most amazing hotels and resorts in 30 countries. His billboards on the Las Vegas strip and Times Square in New York City and in Gangnam (Times Square) Seoul, South Korea increase his client’s brand awareness. He understands the portrayal of luxury to the most discerning of consumers. Lee has also been published as a writer in Vogue, People, Travel & Leisure, Seventeen, Salon.com and more. You can reach David here.

Susan Michals, Managing Editor.

Susan Michals is a Los Angeles-based writer who covers the areas of travel, art, and culture, with a smattering of celebrity. She has written for numerous outlets, including The Huffington Post, Artnet News, Angeleno, and Departures. Some of her favorite excursions include staying up for 24 hours to watch the race at Le Mans in France, 48 hours at Ballyfin in Ireland and bike riding in The Sound of Music country (Austria). Her idea of camping is a three-star hotel. Susan can be reached here.