In Houston, every wedding is spectacular as the state is filled to the brim with an explosion of creativity and excellence. Houston wedding photographers are often in demand for brides who want to look divine on their special day.

Houston is home to over 2.3 million occupants. It is also considered a culturally diverse and highly progressive state, thanks to the abundance of different cultural backgrounds thriving in it. Not to mention, it also has a thriving business, educational, creative, and medical sectors. 

Population-wise, there are more people in their teens and early twenties compared to those in the older generation. As such, it is no surprise that weddings also become common and grand in the H-Town.

Particularly, young brides often worry about having an unflattering photo of theirs taken while they entertain guests, during the first dance, or while basking in the moment of their dream wedding. Ideally, it takes practice and familiarity with the different angles of one’s face and body to learn how to pose right for the camera.

Here are some helpful tips or hacks from professional Houston wedding photographers that brides-to-be can use as a guide to ensure they will be the darling of the camera from beginning to end of their once in a lifetime moment:

  • Position your body and face at an angle that flatters your features. Do not face the camera lens straight on as this can expand your appearance and make your pictures seem flat. Also, if you are wearing a puffy wedding dress, don’t be afraid to play around with the fabric by doing a little twist or lifting and then releasing it quickly with your hands. This will create movement and add dimension to your pictures. 
  • Use the power of makeup. Makeup can do wonders for your complexion and imperfections. It can hide scars or unwanted marks and even alter your face and cheeks’ shape and contour. If you are bothered by your chin or cheeks’ shape, you can use contouring techniques to enhance the form of your countenance. You can also add some blush to appear more vibrant and fresh-faced in photos, or highlight your eyes with mascara and the right amount of eyeliner.
  • Play around with the placement of your arms. That is to say, avoid putting your arms on your sides on all your poses. Raise it a little and rest it above your thigh or on your hip so that it creates a curve on your side. If you are posing with your groom, seize the opportunity to interact with him by resting your hands gracefully on his shoulders, or make eye contact with your partner. 
  • Radiate joy. It can be difficult to fight off the butterflies in your stomach or calm your nerves on your special day. It is a common dilemma that Houston wedding photographers often encounter in most of their clients. Their solution is to have the brides take three deep breaths and imagine themselves taking their first official kiss as husband and wife with their groom. It works like a charm and helps brides let out a big, natural smile—one that lets them radiate their inner beauty through the camera’s lenses.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff. Get as much rest as you can. Sleep, relax, and unwind. The more you overthink, the more it gets in the way of you enjoying your wonderful milestone.

You don’t need to be a professional model to take great photos during your wedding. Simply take note of the tips mentioned above and just enjoy your big day.


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