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As the one room of your home like master bedroom decor that should always retain the look and feel of a sanctuary, an oasis of peace, your master bedroom presents a true decorating challenge. It should be a reflection of your personality and your needs while preserving its serenity, even through decorating changes.

How can you make this special room the crown jewel of your home in terms of delightful décor, and use your skills to update its existing style with a few simple, but powerful touch-ups? It’s easier than it seems — all it takes is a touch of imagination, some careful investing, and you will be on your way to creating a lush bedroom fit for a king or queen in no time.

Make it pop with accents

Soft and creamy is most of the time the best way to go when it comes to the predominant color palette of a bedroom. But, that leaves plenty of room for accentuating with throw pillows and fun patterns on covers, curtains or storage – add one or two contrasting shades to give life to your room without compromising its soothing essence. A perfect choice for master bedroom decor are Crimson red, royal and sapphire blue or emerald-green make for excellent choices in bedroom details.

master bedroom decor

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A lounging alcove

For a master bedroom decor, we all love the horizontal nature of bedrooms, and sleep and love-making should truly remain the main associations with this room. However, if you add a small, tasteful seating area, or a bay window nook can be a dreamy hideout for a relaxing reading session or a comfortable place to take a seat when you take off your work clothes and change into your favorite leggings.

Think in texture for a pleasant master bedroom decor

If you’re looking to add an exciting, yet effortless feature, think about a fun texture your room might be missing. How about a fuzzy blanket, a velvet throw pillow, or a tasselled curtain? Just take your room’s personality and personal preference into consideration, and you’ll soon flood your bedroom with exciting fabrics.

master bedroom decor

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Artsy and authentic

No need to overwhelm the walls with too many paintings or photos, but a few carefully selected and meaningful pieces of artwork can do a brilliant job in elevating your décor. A hand-carved figurine you brought back from your travels deserves to be a focal point of a lonely shelf, while a beautiful painting by your favorite artist can infuse your walls with vivacity.

Add life to nature

Minimalism is the new wave of modern design thinking, but it still makes room for useful and beautiful embellishments, and plants are among the minimalist’s favorite go-to design trick. Not only do they give an organic, rustic feel, but they also serve a purpose to purify your air, lift your spirits and add color and texture. More greenery means more oxygen, no pollutants, less mold and all-natural air-freshening.

master bedroom decor

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Your personal styling corner

Another simple but effective way to add purpose and beauty to bedrooms is by introducing custom mirrors that go well with your existing style, or offer a light contrast while simultaneously increasing the functionality of your room. Another thing your personal styling corner needs is a rich wardrobe. Add proper lighting, a simple dressing table and add that plant next to your beauty supplies, and your bedroom will be radiant with charm!

master bedroom decor

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Comfort comes first

Details often make the core of your bedroom design, and one such detail you shouldn’t neglect is your high-quality bedding — perfect for year-round usage, skin-safe, light, easy to maintain and easy to fit into any bedroom décor. You can always add an extra cover for daytime décor if you prefer a more colorful presentation, but what matters is what’s underneath and that it enables you to get a healthy sleep.

Let there be light

No matter the positioning of your room, windows that allow plenty of natural light to flood your bedroom are a must-have. Floor-to-ceiling windows are a wonderful solution to introduce more light, and lightweight, transparent curtains or even no curtains at all during summer can help, as well. But for those late evening reading sessions, you’ll need support from high-quality LED lamps, which can be sleek and practically invisible until switched on.

master bedroom decor

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It only takes a pinch of creativity with functionality in mind to transform your bedroom into a personal space you’ve craved for. So let your creative brainstorming commence and create a safe haven of comfort and style that’s unique to you.

Featured image courtesy of Flickr.

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