The garden is often an overlooked area that can add significant value to a property, with many creative ways to transform your outdoor area. Often, the yard is the first impression that people will have of your home, so it is key to make sure that visitors and potential buyers are impressed with what they see. Investing time and effort into upgrading your outdoor areas will help attract a serious buyer. Here are several ways to upgrade your outdoor area and add value to your home. 


Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting can be a quick and easy yet effective way to make your garden more impressive. From fairy lights to wall lights, this garden upgrade is sophisticated and welcoming, and is perfect for entertaining and creating a social atmosphere. 

Consider solar-powered options will help the environment while not limiting your choice. Solar spotlights or pathway lights will highlight the edge of the grass and walkway to help visitors see the beauty of the garden for evening entertaining and relaxing.


Add an outdoor building

An outdoor building is a great addition to any home and guarantees and increase of value on your overall property. Garages in particular are a popular and versatile choice, with research showing that a garage can add as much as five per cent to the valuation of a typical home. Double garages from Lidget Compton are perfect for giving a home more space and can be used as a separate room such as a gym or entertainment room, or for storage and to keep vehicles safe.


Integrate ornaments

Among the greenery and botanical features, ornaments can add depth to the garden and break up the array of plants, trees and shrubs. A focal point such as a water feature is a great way to add direction to your garden, as well as creating a talking point and interest from visitors. Stone or bronze sculptures are also a great way to mark boundaries from patio to grass areas and incorporate the trend of mixed metals outdoors. For a more peaceful atmosphere, standing lanterns and lit archways are also popular yet understated additions to the garden.


Zone outdoor space

Maximizing the use of outdoor space around the home is a great way to boost property value and impress visitors or buyers. Think about what you would like to do in the garden and create areas for each activity. For example, a relaxing reading zone is perfect for bookworms, where the addition of a garden armchair, side table and greenery will mirror an interior living space and make your more inclined to use the area. 

By making your garden as inviting as the interior, this will help extend the home’s usable space. Combining spots of the yard for multiple functions, such as outdoor dining and entertaining, will provide great value. Upgrade the exterior areas of your home by making them multifunctional whenever possible.


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