There are plenty of reasons why traveling solo can be a lot of fun. You may need some alone time; traveling solo to a new destination would be perfect for that. You may also be traveling for business or you simply enjoy having solo vacations. Regardless of your reason, traveling solo is not only easier but also more convenient at times.

Still, traveling alone is not without its challenges. You have to deal with problems on your own. You may also find things to get a bit lonely or boring in the evening, simply because you don’t have a travel companion to share the experience with. Worry not, because there are actually a lot of things you can do to stay entertained in the evening when traveling solo.

Hang Out with New Friends

Making new friends is one of the advantages of traveling solo. You will have plenty of opportunities to meet people while exploring new places. The chances of making new friends are even higher when you choose to stay in a bed and breakfast or other communal accommodation options.

You can spend the evening hanging out with your new friends, simply exchanging stories from your previous – and current – trips and having fun together. Depending on where you are, you can also find great hangout places to explore.

Some cities even have a lively nightlife, and they are perfect for spending the evening with some new friends. Just make sure you don’t spend the entire night partying that you don’t get enough rest to explore during the day.

Activities that you can try with your new friends include:

  • Going out to parties or exploring night markets in the evening
  • Spending time exchanging travel stories
  • Sampling the local cuisines and finding small, local restaurants
  • Visiting attractions at night, since some now offer a different experience to evening visitors

Work Remotely

More and more professionals travel the world and work remotely. More travelers also pick up remote work and spend their evenings being productive. Working and staying productive, especially when you are in exotic locations, is one of the perks of traveling solo.

You can find a quiet corner in your hotel, a cozy coffee shop, or just stay in your room and get productive. As long as you have good Wi-Fi connectivity and a capable laptop, you can easily work on remote projects and get things done.

The real challenge is finding focus since the tasks you have to complete may not be easy when there are a lot of distractions around you. Since you are in a holiday mood, you also want to master switching between your productive mode and your leisure mode mentally.

Study Remotely

Working is not the only thing you can now do remotely. Thanks to the internet and top universities opening their online degree programs to more students, you can now pursue a graduate degree while traveling the world.

For example, you can earn a DNP nurse executive degree from Baylor University without attending offline classes, which means you can do it while visiting some of the best destinations in the world. As long as you can allocate an hour or two every day, you can complete the program without hassle.

There are some preparations you want to make before taking an online degree, and they are:

  • Make sure you meet the course requirements before enrolling
  • It is also a good idea to read the course syllabus so that you know exactly what you will be studying
  • Make sure you have a capable laptop and access to internet connectivity since you will have to download learning materials and watch lectures in some cases
  • Pick a program that you like. This makes staying motivated in the long run easier.

Studying remotely is a great way to remain productive while traveling solo. On the other hand, opting for an online degree allows you to travel more while earning a degree of your choice.

Be Part of the Culture

One thing I highly recommend you try is sampling the local culture. Instead of staying in a bed and breakfast or a hotel, find a local guesthouse and live with a family for the duration of your trip. There is something different about living with a local that will make your travel experience infinitely better.

Living with a local allows you to really sample the local culture. You can try homecooked meals, be friends with the hosts and their children, and get a lot of information that is not always available online. The more you open yourself up to the local culture, the more you will experience.

Before you jump right in, however, there are several tips and tricks you need to know.

  • Make sure you learn the basic customs before deciding to stay with a local host. You can learn about those customers during your stay too, but knowing them beforehand means you don’t have to risk offending anyone during your stay.
  • Find a host online. Yes, you can now find a local host or a guesthouse that allows you to live with locals online. Rather than risking not being able to find accommodation, reserve a place, and plan for the local experience.
  • Bring gifts. The hosts will quickly be your friends, so treat them like friends. Bring gifts from your home country to show appreciation.

Get Creative

With the previous tips and tricks in mind, you don’t have to worry about feeling lonely or bored in the evening the next time you travel solo. There are countless other things to stay entertained too, including watching your favorite TV series and playing games on mobile devices. Some travelers even carry a Nintendo Switch; a compact gaming console like the Switch is invaluable indeed.

Knowing how to keep yourself entertained while traveling solo will make the whole traveling experience more relaxing and enjoyable. With the top tips and tricks we discussed in this article, you will have no trouble at all having the best time no matter where you are.

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