Having recently driven the Lincoln MKZ, the Lincoln team approached Destination Luxury to take their 2016 Navigator for a spin for our Napa Valley trip. Itā€™s spacious interior leather seats and third-row seating make it a great option for a caravan on a long haul. The car comes chock full of state of the art features and design elements. With a large towing capacity, the vehicle makes easy work of boats, horse trailers, or any other elements of a luxury lifestyle. The activation “Hill Start and Hill Descent” specifically proved useful when navigating the hills of Napa. Curious to learn more about the Navigator, we asked the Lincoln team about their 10 most interesting facts about the Navigator to see what sets it apart from other SUV’s. Here’s what they had to say:

Photo by Destination Luxury

1. More than 60 percent of those who purchase a Lincoln Navigator come back to purchase a new one.

2. Unlike most SUV’s, the Lincoln Navigator has a V6 engine vs. a V8 without sacrificing best-in-class towing capability; the 3.5L engine delivers significant performance, best-in-class fuel economy and towing capability as well as improved acceleration. It’s efficient yet powerful and purposeful.

Photo by Destination Luxury

3. The vehicle features premium Ziricote wood trims, a luxurious natural-grain wood new to the automotive industry; the wood is commonly used in custom-made guitars and as an accent in yachts.

4. Designed to seat up to eight, the Navigator offers second-row options that include two captainā€™s chairs with or without a center console, or a fold-flat bench. Due in part to Navigatorā€™s patented independent rear suspension, true fold-flat, PowerFoldĀ® third-row seats enable standard-wheelbase and extended-wheelbase versions to deliver segment-leading cargo volume behind the third row.

Photo by Destination Luxury

5. Illuminated welcome mats under the front doors greet the Navigator driver and passengers when the unlock button on the key fob is pressed.

6. A passive entry system allows owners to enter without using a key. The system senses when the key fob is in rangeĀ of the door and allows for keyless access via a door-mounted button. Inside, the push-button start allows for keyless engine ignition.

Photo by Destination Luxury

7. The Navigator comes standard with the new Lincoln steering wheel. The Wollsdorf leather-wrapped, wood-trimmed wheel features a thick grip and soft touch for a dynamic driving experience.

8. Navigators equipped with four-wheel drive offer driver-friendly Hill Descent Controlā„¢, along with standard hill start assist. With hill start assist, a vehicle parked on a slope with a grade of five degrees or more remains stationary for up to two seconds after the driver releases the brake pedal, eliminating forward or backward roll before acceleration. With Hill Descent Control, the driver sets the desiredĀ speed and the system applies brake pressure as needed to descend steep grades at a controlled speed. This feature is especially helpful when towing.


Photo by Destination Luxury

9. Also standard on Select package models is NivomatĀ®, a load-leveling system that raises the rear end of a loaded Navigator to optimum ride height for improved handling. The mechanical leveling system helps reduce uneven wear on the tires and helps maintain better vehicle aerodynamics for improved fuel efficiency.

10. One of the first luxury SUV’s ever, the Navigator is celebrating nearly 20 years on the market with sales at nearly 500,000.

Learn more about Lincoln here.

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