1.  Fleur de Lys is a very large French Chateau that was put up on the market back in 2007 for $125 million.  Suzanne Saperstein, the owner, never compromised on the price so the house just sat on the market for many years!  Suzanne built the house back in 2002.

2.  The house sold today for an ALL CASH deal for $102 million…that’s ALOT of cash!!!

3.  The property is 4.6 acres — 12 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, 2 motor courts, pool, spa, tennis court, formal gardens, ballroom for 500, 2 story library, tennis court, music room, commercial kitchen, staff dining room, offices, security cameras, cutlery room, 3000 sq foot wine cellar and tasting room.

4.  Fleur de Lys sold after a bidding war between 3 billionaires.  Rumor has it that Michael  Milken “junk bond king” is the buyer.

5.  Previously, the highest record sale was when David Murdock sold his house to Garry Winnick for $94 Million, Casa Entada.


6.  The house is a whopping 45,000 square feet and modeled after the Vaux-le-Vicomte, a palace outside Paris

7.  The estate is fit for royalty with marble walls, limestone floors and gold embossing everywhere.

8. The highest priced home in the US was sold last year for $117.5 million in Woodside, California (Northern California)

9.  Fleur de Lys is located in the Platinum Triangle in Holmby Hills

10. Kurt Rappaport of Westside Estate Agency represented Saperstein in the sale

11.  The house was used in Audi commercials for the 2008 Superbowl and also the ABC Drama “Big Shots”.  In 2011, the Green Hornet was shot there.

12.  Sothebys auctioned off some of Saperstein’s antique furniture a few years ago and brought in almost 8 million dollars.  A 1700s 21-light chandelier when for $602,000.

13.  Fred Bernstein of Westside Estate Agency repesented the buyer.

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