Social media is an effective way to get your message out to customers and potential customers, build your brand, share your mission and have two-way conversations with folks. This rings true, in particular, for luxury beauty brands and luxury health and wellness brands. Great imagery, videos and content helps to educate audiences on the latest and greatest in health and wellness. In today’s digital age, technology and social media play a key role in this.

Read on for three luxurious brands in the health and wellness industry who have a strong social media presence.

Daily Harvest for luxury health

With the tagline, “Super foods, super fast,” Daily Harvest is a company that sells ready-to-blend superfood smoothies and other foods right to your door. The company has built its brand on organic and unrefined superfood packs that are created by chefs and nutritionists, making eating healthy and getting your vitamins easy and convenient.

The company has expertly utilized Instagram to share their products through photos. With clean, crisp imagery that has just enough white space to please the eye, the account is laden with pictures of their products looking colorful and delectable, along with some healthy people, cute animals and intricately placed fruit and vegetable designs sprinkled in, growing their following to over 123,000 followers. If you’re a health nut, chances are you may have even come across a Daily Harvest sponsored Instagram ad in your feed.


As one of the most prestigious and well-respected multi-level marketing companies worldwide, Amway has been in the health business for well over 50 years. Boasting a wide variety of skincare and hair care products like cleansers, serums and cosmetics, as well as nutritional supplements, weight management products and more, Amway is a leader in luxury health and wellness. The company does have a strong social media presence across all boards. But Amway successfully uses its LinkedIn page to convey important company information to readers.

Specifically, Amway’s LinkedIn page is a source for business news, product information and launches, career information and job postings as well as information for those interested in its products and business opportunities. The page boasts nearly 100,000 followers and is a great resource for folks looking to learn more about the company, either as a consumer, investor or potential employee.

When using LinkedIn, companies should always maintain a sense of business and professionalism, and Amway does just this with complete, accurate and informative updates.


Gwyneth Paltrow’s modern lifestyle brand Goop has transformed into a health, wellness and “cool” living mecca for those into celeb- and doctor-inspired lifestyles.

With articles, products and recommendations from doctors, wellness gurus, travel aficionados and Gwyneth herself, readers get the elite scoop on the latest health, clean beauty, fashion and home trends. And the company uses its Facebook page perfectly to share their message.

Boasting videos of Gwyneth and other experts whipping up some of her favorite recipes or using her most coveted skincare products, fans of the page get an up close and personal view of the celeb’s lifestyle that she swears by. The Goop Facebook page is a vehicle to drive viewers to the Goop site, sharing articles and blog posts on the regular. Great imagery, high-quality content and encouraging audience interaction is what makes this wellness company hit the mark on social media.

When it comes to luxury health, people want to see, hear and read about what it is you offer and who you are. And social media is just the tool to help you give them what they want. Through a healthy mix of facts and fun, photos and videos, articles and content, luxury health brands can set themselves apart from the competition and offer a unique stance in the market.


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