More than 900 people are moving to Florida every single day! And a single trip down to a city in Florida is enough to explain the appeal. Islands like Key West make up some of the most beautiful cities in Florida, and the United States as well.

If you’re someone considering moving or vacationing on the beautiful island of Key West Florida, here are some fantastic things to do while you’re there!

1. The Home of Hemmingway

This one’s a great pick for anyone who’s a fan of literature, history, or even Spanish Colonial architecture. This gorgeous mansion was built in the 1850s and is now a major tourist attraction in Old Town Key West.

You’ll find over 40 cats, some of whom are descendants of the six-toed cat given to Hemmingway by the ship captain!

The home is also a museum housing personal effects, various animal trophies, and other curios collected by the Nobel Prize-winning author himself. You’ll find several tour guides willing to give you an informative walk through the mansion, or you can take a walk on your own.

2. A Walk Down Duval Street

If you’re considering vacationing in one of the Key West neighborhoods, you’ll be pleased to learn about the action-filled and widely accessible Duval Street. From Mallory Square to Southernmost Point, the walk is one full of intrigue as you come across boutiques, indie art galleries, food vendors, cafes, street performers, and more.

The street itself is around 1.25 miles long, which means you can easily cover it within half a day. Plan your mornings or evenings wisely, and you can end your walk with a delightful lunch or dinner at one of the many cafes along the street.

3. Barhopping in Key West

If you’re not in town for very long, but still want to get a taste of all those eclectic bars you’ve heard about, a pub crawl is the answer.

Captain Tony’s Bar Saloon, Durty Harry’s, Finnegan’s Wake, Turtle Kraals, and Green Parrot Bar are some of the favorites in the city. If you’ve got the time you can even sign up for a Bar Scavenging Hunt, which involves solving clues while bar hopping and downing a few drinks.

Sounds like a fun night, we think!

4. Biking Around Town

Key West is a quaint town that makes for delightful bike rides. Find a bike rental near you, and take to the streets in true old-town fashion.

Not only is it a great way to get around town, but you won’t have to bother about parking. Find a route that seems interesting or wander around until you find something that catches your eye. Either way, you’re guaranteed a fun time.

Getting the Best of Key West Florida

Key West is a gorgeous island with a lot to offer its visitors and residents, alike. Whether you’re vacationing to Key West Florida or planning a move, we hope this article has been a helpful read.

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