by Kelly Mi Li

Directed by David Christopher Lee
Shot on the Samsung Mobile USA S6 with the Smoothee.
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If you couldn’t make to the Big Game, this was the other one to hit. Hosted by venture capitalist Jillian Manus in her Atherton, California Estate and Erika Williams, founder and creator of site The Hopeless Housewife, this $3000 a ticket spectacular was filled with philanthropists, billionaires, and celebrities. The main event was hosted in a tent in the backyard that housed a replica of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Jay Leno was on hand, telling jokes about former Presidents, Joe Montana engaged in a little football action with those who¬† $50,000 to the Giving Back Fund. BMWs were parked in the front of the house while seals swam in the front yard…yes, seals.

Sponsors for the evening included: BMW, AOL, Martin Katz, Stephen Silver, San Francisco Magazine, USA Today, Yigit Pura, Anchor Distilling, Sierra Nevada, Nicholas Air, Lunares, Tout Sweet and La Folie.

Jillian Manus, the host of the evening is Managing Partner of venture capital firm Structure Capital, a Silicon Valley¬†early stage fund investing in underutilized capacity and excess assets. She often appears on¬†Bloomberg TV in Europe as a business commentator¬†and has a family foundation whose mission is to create paths of self-sufficiency for women and children. Her mantra in life is to ‚Äėpass all blessings forward.’
The Giving Back Fund
The Giving Back Fund is a national nonprofit organization that encourages and facilitates charitable giving by professional athletes, celebrities, high-net-worth individuals, existing nonprofits, corporations and others who truly desire to give back. It provides expert philanthropic consulting and management while operating as a flexible, convenient vehicle for establishing individual foundations and fiscally-sponsored projects under a governance structure like that of a community foundation.  By offering a straightforward and cost-effective approach to philanthropy, high-level expertise and professional services, and carefully targeted giving opportunities, GBF helps those who want to give back to society and to the communities that have nurtured them. 
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