As wonderful as it would otherwise be, we do judge based on appearances in many instances. While it’s always best to have an open mind, there’re some instances where this is harder to do; job interviews, formal parties, weddings, etc. There’re just some experiences that demand a specific look to make things appropriate and suitable.

However, Americans are sending four times more clothes to the landfill today than in 1980, so it’s important to branch out a bit here. After all, a great ensemble isn’t just down to the clothes you wear; your accessories showcase a lot about your character too. But what exactly do they say about you?

Consequently, here’s a few ideas on this train of thought below.

Effort and care

Accessories can be a great way to make a great impression. Adorning anything from pretty jewelry to quirky hats tells people that you care about how you look. There’s no need to be ashamed of that, and in some instances, how you look can be a compliment to others. If you’re attending a birthday party for example, looking your best shows you care about the birthday person and their event. Accessories can work wonders here!

Things work this way in professional circles too. Wearing accessories to work can show that you want to be noticed on the job and that you’re not just planning to coast by a ghost in your workplace. Things could get overindulgent if you get too flashy, but still, a few accessories worn by you shows that no matter where you are, you’ve made an extra effort that will show you genuinely care about the proceedings.

Attention to detail

Sometimes you can throw on numerous clothes, but your outfit still seems to be missing something. The ensemble doesn’t feel complete, and it’s a niggling feeling that can be quite bothersome at times. However, we all know that it’s often accessories that round things out here, filling in any stylish gaps you thought were present.

In that sense, accessories can communicate your attention to detail to those nearby. It’s nuance and subtly, but at the same time eccentric and bold. There’s also a degree of creativity involved too, so if people are willing to look deeper into what outfits can showcase in a person, your accessories will certainly add some extra sway in these regards too.


Of course, it would be wrong to assume that accessories are only and always about style. This consensus couldn’t be further from the truth, because they can be quite useful in a productive sense too. Take the quality leather handbags from Radley London, for example, designed to be both appealing to the eye and practical for the wearer. They come in a range of sizes, which means you can store a wide variety of items.

For example, makeup, medical items, money, drinks, tissues, portable chargers and phones will all slot into a bag very nicely. Therefore, accessories can also showcase your level of preparedness, swooping into your bag for yourself or another person’s wellbeing. You’ll be able to help yourself and others and look good while doing so too!


Accessories can communicate a great deal about your character. From signaling tells about how much you care for others, signposting your attention to detail or proving your level of preparedness, accessories certainly go along way in helping you land favorable impressions and positive encounters. Add some nuance to your outfit, and you won’t regret it!