History of Airstream

History has a long history before it, but to say the least, it is an American travel trailer dating back to as far back as the late 1920s. The first design was launched in the backyard of a home in Los Angeles, which belonged to the founder, Wallace Byam. Before then, Wallace has been a car-enthusiasts designing different makes and models of RVs for his use. He designed the first trailer at the back of his house to satisfy his wife’s preference for a kitchen and a place to lay her head when they went on vacation.

As demands for Wallace trailers, which was almost a wonderment at the time, grew, Wally started making different versions for people at their backyards. He first sold the “how-to” plan at the back of a magazine after making several versions in 1932, the year he officially launched Airstream Trailer Company.

The Designs of Airstream RV

The Airstream has been developed into several designs over the years. Each of them boasts a host of features from kitchens to restrooms and other travel essentials. There are not many dealerships in the USA that have the earlier generation of Airstream RV on display. However, most of the community of Airstream Users said to have gotten theirs from Zervs after a few web searches. It would be best if you got yours there too. 

The first design of Airstream RVs was launched in 1936. It was named after the first trans-Atlantic and called “Airstream Clipper.”  It has a sausage-shaped body on a silver aluminum metal frame, resembling the Bowlus Road Chief. It was designed to have electricity and water supply, among other things. It could also accommodate a family of four. 

World War II could not stop this impeccable Airstream Trailer Company from blossoming. It kept up with the Clipper versions for some time, before choosing to look in the direction of Motorhomes in 1974, when it created the Class A motorhome. It features an unpainted aluminum body, the motorhome was built over the years to vary in height, starting from 20- and 24- feet up to 37 feet promised in the 90s.  

The Class A motorhome was discontinued in 2006. However, before that time, another version called “fiberglass” was already introduced into the market. The fiberglass looks more traditional than the versions before it. 

The Skydeck model was also created around this period; it appeared bus-like. It features water and electricity supplies, restroom, kitchen, etc. its most noticeable features are the interior stairs incorporated into its design. Several other models were also created between 1981 and 2016. 

The funeral coach model of Class A motorhome was designed in 1981 for transporting families and flowers for funeral occasions.

 The Class B motorhome model was also developed in 1989. This has design and engine specs that were similar to the Ford series. However, the production of this was discontinued, a decade after its creation.

The infamous Airstream Trailer Company introduced the Westfalia and Interstate model in 2004. The production discontinued a couple of years after its first production.

Over the past two decades, other models produced by the company include Flying Cloud, International Signature and serenity, Basecamp, and Tommy Bahama.


Airstream’s Reach

Airstream Trailer Company has a broad reach across various continents and countries. For instance, in the UK, Airstream’s distribution is done under Lowdhams Airstream Direct. 

Four main models are specific to the region due to the narrower routes that the RV would travel. These are the 534, 604, 684, and the 25. 

The international distribution is done from its Ohio branch, which is the headquarters of the company. The delivery of Airstream in Europe is the responsibility of Airstream, Germany, and Airstream, Italy.

Airstream’s reach even extends to space as it served as a Quarantine Facility for Apollo 11 when they first got back from the moon in 1969. Since that time, NASA’s transport of astronauts to the launch pad has used Airstream’s different fleets.


Airstream Production

Due to the widespread acceptance of this recreational vehicle, it has increased its production over the years. Airstream enthusiasts in the USA and anywhere around the world can look up zervs.com to purchase any model of the Airstream. The website majors in the sale of new and pre-owned RVs. 

As of 2014, the company was producing about 30 recreational vehicles per week. This was increased to 50 by the end of 2015. And in that year, the company recorded a total production of approximately 2,600.

This production again increased over the next two years to approximately 70 and 80 respectively. Towards the end of 2016, the company was already recording a massive output of roughly 4,000 motorhomes per year.

Airstream, while producing more trailers, was also considering creating parks in the form of resorts and campgrounds. Some of these parks were created to be exclusive to only Airstream owners. Some others were created to accommodate non-Airstream members, although most asked for payments from non-Airstream members. 

Most of these resorts require registration and membership in the WBCCI, as this international club manages most of them. 

The Community

The community began with the company’s owner when Wally decided to create a family-like atmosphere for Airstream owners. These are called Airstreamers or RVers. Back then, they would travel and tour the world together, taking pictures from different tourist centers and locations worldwide. 

This kept going on for a long time until it birthed the Wally Byam Caravan Club, in 1955, during the Eastern Canada Caravan. The club later got an ‘International” tag attached to it as they kept touring around the world and holding monthly and annual carnivals worldwide.  

An annual international rally is being held every year, which brings all the RVers together. However, other smaller events are usually being held periodically in various chapters. The community keeps expanding online and offline as new acquirers of Airstream are looking to join in to enjoy the benefits of joining the club, including free access to the park.

Airstream is an in-demand recreational vehicle because of its long history and exceptional features. If you are looking for a safe place to purchase one of the first generations, or new models of Airstream, then Zervs.com should come to mind.


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