Imaging sailing out in the ocean or sea with your family on your own boat. The sun is setting and it’s just you, your loved ones, and the open water. 


Perhaps there are dolphins doing somersaults in the background, maybe you see an orca or even a whale, or you simply enjoy time on deck playing games and sharing a good meal. 


Boat holidays are a fun way to relax and spend much-needed time with yourself, your significant others, and your loved ones. 


It’s now easier and cheaper to book boat trips and excursions. So, if you’d like to spend your next holiday snorkeling or dolphin-watching on a boat, the following is some information that might help you out when deciding to book your trip.


Types of Boat Holidays


There are several different ways to plan your nautical-themed adventure. Here are some of the more common ways to spend your next trip out at sea:


Using the ferry system–  


This is probably the best choice for those that just want to have a more traditional holiday in the sense that you can still opt to stay in regular hotels or hostels and then use the ferry systems at your destination to set sail. 


Each destination has its own systems of ferries and ways to move from island to island. Whether you’re in the Canary Islands, Balearics, or traveling through the Aegean Sea in Greece, make yourself familiar with ferry schedules and buy tickets ahead of time to guarantee your spot. 


Taking a cruise – 


Taking a cruise is a fun and luxurious way to spend your holiday at sea. Of course with most cruises, you will have accommodation, food and activities covered in the cost of your cruise but if you’re going with your family, the expenses can really start to add up. If you’re interested in cruises, then the information provided in this blog post is invaluable. 


Cruises are generally cheaper in the off season, but be sure to take weather into consideration if you decide to go during that time. 


As stated in the above blog post, taking a cruise during the school season is a great time to go because most families go in the summer. If you can, opt to go just before school ends so you get the great weather but at a smaller cost.


Renting a boat which comes with a skipper – 


This option is for those with a more DIY attitude. You can use online websites such as to choose how you want to sail – whether by catamaran, sailboat, or yacht. 


The boats come with a licensed skipper to help guide you and all you have to do is name the destination. Many of these boats come with sleeping facilities and kitchens, so you can take advantage of those and opt to forgo the hotels altogether. 


The advantage here is that you choose where to go, you choose the activities, and you could even save money on eating out costs by deciding to cook onboard. Whether you want to rent a small sailboat for an intimate romantic trip or you’d like to hire a yacht for a large family gathering, this option allows you to tailor the holiday to your needs. 


Whichever option you decide to choose, it’s all up to you. If you’re lucky, you’ll end up doing all three at some point in time. The last option is probably the most budget-friendly and customizable but if you’re interested in a much more extravagant 5-star experience, then the cruise might be more up your alley.









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