When someone mentions the sport of polo, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

A game for only the rich and famous? Complete exclusivity? Times have changed. Today, the game embodies a game that is competitive and increasingly gaining fandom around the world. The perfect opportunity to become one with the sport comes on Saturday, May 13th, for the Pacific Polo Tour at Will Rogers Polo Club. Those who purchase tickets in advance will receive a gift bag worth $500. Not sure if it’s for you? Here are five reasons why you should swing by (pun intended!) next month.


Photo Courtesy of LIVESTRONG.

5. For the polo experience

Polo is a game rich with history. It’s nothing like you ever imagined. A proper polo game lasts approximately two hours with occasional breaks in between. It has a great ambiance for the guests to be entertained and enjoy the festivities.

4. For the crowd

Polo brings out a variegated crowd. Nouveau chic melds with old world fashion – it’s an eclectic hodgepodge of fashion and personalities.

Photo Courtesy of Pacific Polo Tour.

3. For the fashion

Typically, polo events start when the weather is warmer, ranging from spring to summer. Women tend to don flowy gorgeous dresses, men traditionally wear blazers. These days, anything goes, as long as it’s ‘au courant.’

Photo Courtesy of LA Racked


2. For the food

Food served in a polo game is guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds. Event organizers try to partner with famous restaurants and chefs to have their famous dishes line up for the event. And who can blame them, food and drinks keep the crowd nourished and enjoying the full experience?

Photo Courtesy of Pacific Polo Tour

1. For the scenery

Games typically take place either at a gorgeous country club or a special polo arena. Will Rogers Polo Club is one rich in history and beauty. It’s not to be missed. See you on May 13th!

Photo Courtesy of Pacific Polo Tour


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