Being one of the most costly-living places in the world, the apartment rents in New York are high. Have you ever considered an alternative? With the sky-rocketing prices of real estate, living in a boat in New York can be a good idea. You can also legally live in a boat with fewer restrictions. When you compare the options of living in a boat or land, you will realize that boats are not a bad choice.


Looking for new or used boats in New York can be time-consuming and tedious. With the varieties of models, brands, and types, narrowing down on the right one can become difficult without the right guidance. The experience of being at sea on your boat is a priceless passion. You can easily fall in love with the idea of owning a boat. The decision, however, requires lots of considerations.


Maintaining a boat is not an easy task, as it takes a lot of effort. On top of that, every state carries different regulations for boat owners. To avoid complications, it is important to understand the operations, safety, taxation, documentation, and maintenance that goes into purchasing and owning a boat. If you plan on becoming a boat owner, you should prepare yourself for all the various important elements.


Planning before purchase 


While you are out, looking for the potential boats you wish to buy, always remember to check the encumbrances and the Maritime Liens. You can take the assistance of a professional boat broker to find the perfect boat for you. It is also important that you consider the options for harboring the boat and look for one with a good customer service rapport.


Consider the safety measures   


Operating a boat can require some practice and adjustments. If you never have zero operating boat experience, then you will have to start your lessons immediately. Unlike roadways on dry-land, waterways do not come with definitive paths. Natural elements such as the current of the sea and the wind play important roles while you’re at sea, so you have to know how to operate the boat in such adverse conditions.


To learn the sea rules, you can take some classes from a captain with certification and also take safety lessons. These lessons will also educate you on the state’s boating regulations and rules.


Understand the tax impositions for owning a boat


Different states have different sales tax rates. In New York, if you have multiple residences, the tax will be at the jurisdiction rate where you will store your boat. If you are not a resident, you do not have to pay sales tax for the boat purchase unless your boat’s registration is from New York.   


The use tax is more or less the same rate as the sales tax of the particular state. You do not have to pay it at the time of purchase but at the registration time. Your use tax will neutralize the sales tax if you cross the state or international borders; therefore, if you have paid the sales tax, then in most cases, you do not have to pay the use tax. In the case of New York, you will have to pay the use tax only if you are a resident or if you not a resident and have been using the boat in the city for 90 days or more.


The insurance parts


In many states, you will not require boat insurance; however, it is good to get insurance at the time of purchase. There are instances where you will need boat insurance considering the type of boat you own. Some marinas also ask for insurance if you want to dock your boat in their facility. It is good to get insurance while purchasing the boat because banks will also ask for appropriate insurance.  


Getting the registration in place


Every state has different boat registration regulations. In New York, any boat that operates on a motor requires registration. During the registration, you will also have to present the documentation relating to sales tax and purchase payments. If your boat is 14 feet and longer, the registration in New York City will issue title certificates, which you can use as proof of ownership.


Boats that weigh five net tons or more should get the registration at the U.S. Coast Guard. There are also different registration protocols for boats that exceed a specific dollar threshold. Foreign vessels entering the borders of the United States have to follow the protocols and show proper documentation.   


Maintenance of a boat


The basic ways to maintaining a boat are simple tasks like keeping it clean, frequently lubrication the engines, and docking it in a safe place. Although these tasks may seem simple, they will greatly impact the condition of your boat. If you do not wash or wax, then the fiberglass gel coat will turn chalky. Dirt can lead to mold and decay, so you will have to clean your boat frequently. You will also not be able to spot leakages if you have a pile of garbage lying around your boat. Regular cleaning will cut down the maintenance cost as it will eradicate those avoidable fixing costs. The bottom line is, keep your boat clean, and it will last for years.      




Irrespective of how complicated buying a boat in New York City can be, it is still one of the most enjoyable experiences. Having a boat will give you a getaway from city life, a leisure venue for entertaining friends and families, or a vessel to take you into the vast beauty of nature. While buying a boat, you should understand that ownership of a boat comes with its share of responsibilities. If you are certain that these responsibilities are things you can take, then there will be no limitations to the fun and experience you will get from owning a boat.  



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