Are you looking to get the word out about your luxury home vacation rental, but have no idea how to do it?

Thanks to sites like Airbnb, the home vacation rental industry is booming like never before. And while that is great news for the most part, it also means there’s a lot more competition out there.

Having an awesome place simply isn’t enough anymore to stand out. Now, in order to stand out from the competition, you need to get make sure you’re getting the word out through marketing!

But exactly what do you need to do to make it in the luxury vacation rental industry? Read on to learn the top four tips for marketing your rental property.


1. Create a Refined Traveler Experience


Ok, you know your renting luxury property, but do those looking at your property online know that right away?


The first step to marketing your property is to create a refined travel experience that will live up to your renters’ expectations.


You need to be crossing every t and dotting every i, because renters will take note if something is off at all. High speed internet, premium cable channels, and scuff-free walls and floors are all ways to make sure your property provides your guests with the luxury experience they are after.

2. Use High Quality Photos and Videos


If a normal picture says a thousand words, then think of the photos of your rental property as needing to say a million.


Seriously, photos are that important. If you take low quality photos of your property on your phone’s camera, people are going to automatically pass it up.


Taking the time to find a professional photographer who can take high-quality pictures of your place will work wonders.


However, pictures are usually just the first step, as many people don’t actually trust photos to tell the whole story. A walk through video is a great idea, as is a drone video if you have the capabilities.

While this may cost you a bit more upfront, quality photos and videos are well worth the investment in the long run.

3. Market Through Multiple Channels


Having your luxury property listed on a site or two simply isn’t enough these days.


Instead, you need to make sure you’re getting the word out about your property on multiple channels.


You should have a Facebook and Instagram page dedicated to your property, as well as a website. Make sure you are listed on as many rental sites as possible, not just AirBnB.


If you have a large property with several units, you can use sites like Rentbelly to make sure everything is in order.


4. Create a Guest Manual


How frustrating is it when you stay somewhere else, and realize you can’t find the WiFi password and have no idea how to work the 3 remotes for the TV?


Make sure your guests don’t experience this same frustration by creating a user manual for them. The user manual should include how to work all of your appliances and electronics, what days trash is picked up, and when housekeeping comes.


It should also include information about your surrounding area, such as the best restaurants to go to, where to head for good nightlife, transportation options, and other pertinent information about your city.


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