We can no longer deny the role that technology has on our everyday lives. Everything is run on computers and all our information is in a database somewhere out on the cloud. We use smartphones to order birthday presents and tonight’s dinner. Our thermostats can turn on for us before we get home and we can warm up the car before stepping out into the blustery cold. Naturally, our children are growing up with technology and it will have an even greater impact on their lives than ours.

The Case for Cellphones

Ironically, we aren’t talking about iPhone Xs cases! Rather, we are talking about cellphone usage for children at a younger age. Children of the 1980’s remember that we ran around without cell phones. There was a pay phone on every street corner and usually, you were somewhere that had a landline telephone. The one thing we all wanted was the luxury of the private phone line for our bedrooms. Now children are asking for cell phones and asking
for them sooner. There is a safety net knowing that your 10-year-old can hang out at the pool with their best friend from down the street and communication can happen at any given moment. It teaches a child responsibility of being in public with minimal supervision and has a way to communicate if they are in need of assistance. They also have to take care of the device! Yes, you can still find simplified phones for them. Some companies market special kids phones that give them minimal access to apps, plenty of talk and text time, and are designed not to shatter the first time they are dropped.

The Case For Home Security Systems

Leaving our children home alone, or with a babysitter, can be a nerve-wracking experience for any parent. We want to do everything possible to keep them protected and we worry about them leaving stoves on or forgetting to lock the back door that has a habit of creaking open at random moments. One of the must-have gadgets for any home is the home security system. With a security system, you can rest assured knowing that police, fire, and ambulance will be contacted within seconds of a possible situation. Your kid has a bit of freedom to learn how to take care of themselves on their own while you have an enjoyable night out. Many systems also offer indoor camera surveillance. Got the kids home for the summer? Great! You can work and watch a live feed of your children on your mobile device or desktop at work. It’s a safety net that you need for your bit of sanity and one that they don’t realize they need to keep them safe while learning valuable home skills.

The Case For Early Education

Tactile tools for young children is a great educational tool and is one that should ever be dismissed. They need to learn how to touch and feel things while figuring out how things work. At the same time, don’t turn up your nose to educational apps and videos on how things work and interactive learning. YouTube may be home to the budding videographer but it is also a great source of encouraging extra learning in your child. If you have an 8-year-old who is fascinated with crafting things at home, your 8-year-old should be watching all sorts of “how
to” videos for different craft projects. They get “personal” learning that they can pause and go back if they are stuck on a step and make fantastic things. Educational apps were once devised for young children with special needs but now there are a growing number of apps that help children learn their alphabet and vocabulary. Embrace them!

As with all things, they should be used in moderation. Team sports, outdoor time, and playing card games or board games are super important for a child. Use them in conjunction with technology so they get the best of both worlds.

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