The Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis, is one of the world’s most magical sights. There are no words to describe how amazing and how beautiful the lights can be. You get to enjoy a shimmering dance of light in the night skies, a phenomenon that’s truly special. This is precisely why many avid travelers would always say that one should make it a goal to see the Northern Lights at least once in their lifetime.


That said, here are good reasons why your bucket list should include seeing the Northern Lights.



  • You Get To Enjoy The Destination



When you’re going on a Northern Lights holiday, many travelers that have made the journey before will tell you frankly that the hunt for the Northern Lights isn’t just the lights itself. Because this happens only at night, it means that you have the rest of the day to enjoy what your destination has to offer.


While you’re chasing the Northern Lights, there are also many other winter activities that you can immerse yourself in. These activities help to provide you with a very memorable vacation. Common examples of activities that you can enjoy while you wait for the Northern Lights include the following:


  • Go on a snowmobile exploration to look for polar bears
  • Be mushers for a day
  • Go glacier hiking



  • You Get To See One Of The Wonders Of The World



How often is it that you can say that you’ve traveled to where one the wonders of the world appear? The Aurora Borealis is a mesmerizing celestial dance that has been attributed with power and magic. According to legends from the Norse and the Vikings of Northern Europe and the North Atlantic, the Northern Lights is either a bridge to the home of the gods or the clash of weapons of a battle in the sky.


Among the indigenous natives of Finland, it is believed that talking about the Northern Lights or catching their attention by waving, whistling, etc. can be dangerous. In fact, even today, most of the Sami stay indoors when the Northern Lights appear in the sky. Wherever you stop to view the lights, take time to ask the locals about their own legends. 



  • You’ll See Different Light Shows Every Time



If you’re staying at your camp to watch the Northern Lights for a couple of days, you’re guaranteed that every night’s view will be unlike the other. The Northern Lights can appear as fiery red rainbows, bright white lassoes, and neon-green paint strokes.


The Northern Lights are unpredictable. They may only appear for a few minutes, usually between 5:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. between late August and early April. It is said that in places such as Tromsø or Abisko, you can see the Northern Lights 24 hours a day in winter. However, in other places, it’s lucky if you see the lights for a few hours; mostly, they last for perhaps 15 to 30 minutes. Coordinate with local experts to make sure that they’re visible when you get there. 



  • You’ll Enjoy A Lifechanging Adventure



Whatever holiday you’re going out into, you’re probably looking forward to enjoying the destination itself. At the same time, the travel and every bit of the moments while going towards the destination can be as meaningful. Going to see Northern Lights can be a life-changing adventure. Once you’re there, you can enjoy nature’s spectacle at its best. You might forget everything that may have gotten you too hooked on the earthly standards of life. Under the Aurora Borealis, you get more than a moment to reflect on how amazing and beautiful the world can be. 


After seeing the Northern Lights, you’ll have a memory as well as a sense of accomplishment. The trip to see the Northern Lights takes you out into the wilderness of Alaska, Finland, Norway, Greenland, or Sweden. You’ll get to experience life in that part of the world where cold, winter nights can turn to magic.



  • You’re Taking Once-in-a-lifetime Photographs



Taking photographs is an excellent way to freeze a moment in time. When, in the future, you’ll no longer able to travel, you’ve got photos to help relive the magical moments or even tell the story to family and friends. It’s more than just joining in the millions of other travelers on Instagram with the hashtag #NorthernLights. It’s about taking actual photos with you in the scenery. These are totally unlike any other travel photos that you’ve taken or will ever take. These beautiful photos will speak volumes, by themselves. You don’t even need to say a thing.



  • You’re Experiencing The Closest Thing There Is To Magic



Everyone can use a little magic every so often. Visiting the Northern Lights is one of the closest experiences that anyone will ever have to magic. Instead of resigning yourself to the same skies (or worst, gray skies in industrial cities), keep that spark in your life alive. If magic was real, then this is it. With its serene atmosphere and a wild burst of colors, it’s every bit real magic, particularly when you’re traveling with kids.




Now that you know why seeing the Aurora Borealis is worth a trip, your bucket list should now include this. Even photos or videos cannot capture the real magic of its beauty. If you can give yourself that break and opportunity to see it in person, why not? Less than two percent of the world’s population can see the Northern Lights. This is a true holiday of a lifetime.


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