It symbolizes fame and media recognition. It enjoys royal attention from glam queens and kings of Hollywood. Vaping is not only a fashion trend that has picked up but has also become a symbol of self-care. Fashion trends come and go, but vaping is the newest fad that is not going anytime now in the world of celebrities. 


Vaping has exploded in popularity and sale. Millions across the world have switched from the traditional cigarette to vape. So have Hollywood A-listers like Katy Perry, Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Paris Hilton. They have made public appearances with vapes in their hands, creating sensational news. 

Vaping is Safer than Smoking:  

Traditional cigarettes contain tar that can cause lung cancer. Vaping does not put you into this kind of risk. Research from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) confirms this. Findings reveal the damage from vaping is 95% less than conventional cigarette smoking. No wonder celebs do not want their health to suffer because of their smoking fix. There are other reasons for choosing vaping – no burning and no release of harmful substances in the air. 


Take the case of Katy Perry. Singing is her career. So, she has to keep her vocal cords healthy. Smoking can prove to be disadvantageous. It makes the voice rough and scratchy. It shrinks the singing range, reduces the pitch and accuracy and causes breathiness. The downsides are many. Vaping is a safer option to smoking as it does not reduce voice quality. It is also great for singers like her who want to have a quick round of the vape before they take to the stage. Such is the significance of going smoke-free. 

Price Benefit:


The average price of a cigarette pack is hardly anything to affect the power of celebrities. But the rising costs and taxes of tobacco can burn a hole in the pocket of a common man. Vaping is cheaper and can please the urge for a smoke. For those new to vaping, a single pod of e-liquid is comparable to two packs of cigarettes at much less a price. 

Natural and Smell-Free:


The good thing about vaping is that it comes with no smell. Good news for celebrities who often go out for press meets or award functions. After all, there is no need to worry about breath-freshening. There is no nasty smell in vaping – it is much cleaner than a cigarette. And then it doesn’t produce yellow stains on teeth and fingers, which is a common side effect of smoking. 


The vaping liquid does not contain carbon monoxide, tar, or suspended particles. It has only flavours and fragrances. Always buy high-quality e-liquids from that have natural ingredients and vegetable glycerin in them. They are healthier for your nose. 

An Element of Sophistication:


Smoking is unhealthy, which is true. Frequent smokers tend to age fast and harm their lungs and longevity. It can also be a turn-off. After all, smoking offers temporary pleasure, that too, at the cost of health. 


Vaping is for celebrities who care about their appearance. To them, their teeth should not show signs of yellowing nor should their waning hairline drop a hint. Putting a vape in a hand purse or a coat pocket exudes more style and classiness than smoking a cigarette. Vaping is permissible indoors, unlike cigarettes, so it is a classy way to go smoking. 

Brand Appeal: 

Style is a must, whether in liquor brands or e-cigarettes!! Several Hollywood celebrities currently endorse e-cigarette brands in their talk shows. Charlie Sheen, who is a die-hard smoker, switched to vaping and made his label called Nicosheen. Brand NJOY has the musician Bruno Mars as an investor. On Labor Day, Katy Perry was easy to spot with an e-Go style of e-cigarette. 


Nowadays, with enhanced technology, companies are making vape products that automatically maintain a consistent temperature. So that each drop of the e-liquid gets vaporized to get the utmost flavour. The nicotine salt in the company’s e-liquids gets you a richer vaping experience. Exactly what the Hollywood stars and starlets look out for. 


Health is the foremost reason why the celebrity world is taking to vaping. It helps them stop smoking, a vicious way to damage the lungs. The second reason for the switchover is to maintain personal beauty, hair, skin and breath. Wrinkles, yellow teeth are no longer side-effects for those who take to vaping. For teenagers, vaping is a cooler alternative to the traditional cigarette smoke. 


Vaping is in the thick of global attention – endorsed by movie stars and at sporting events. Hence, it is worth trying out for the health and attention it gets. Goodbye smoking, welcome the trending e-cigarette! 



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