Arizona, Colorado and Utah top the US states for the ideal outdoors staycation, according to a new study. 

As the coronavirus looks set to make foreign holidays impossible to organise for 2020, an American staycation looks increasingly like the perfect alternative this year.

Luckily, the US has a wealth of perfect staycation locations. Research by Halti has revealed the very best places based on some of the biggest factors people consider when planning their outdoors holiday.

Arizona ranks as the US’s best state for US staycations, thanks to its above average rankings across all factors analysed in the study. Arizona is made up of 2.2% of national parks, the state also has one of the highest available campsites to stay at and the weather quality is amongst the top five in the whole country.

Did you know: It is believed that Arizona is the home to the world’s tallest fountain.

The study also concluded that Kent is the second best staycation location of 2020 with the sixth highest green space coverage of all UK counties – 20.28%. Kent also boasts great public transport access and is home to a significant number of dog friendly places.

The study also concluded that Utah is the second best staycation location of 2020 with some of the highest physical activity rates in the US. Utah also has some of the US’s best weather and largest national park coverage making it an ideal location for an outdoors getaway.

Did you know: Utah has six national forests and its biggest lake covers over a million acres.

Colorado (3rd), Alaska (4th) and Washington (5th) make up the top five most ideal states for a US staycation.

The study aims to put people in touch with their perfect destination by considering eight factors.

Factor                              Best Performing County
Quietest                                         Wyoming
Cleanest Air                                   Washington
Largest National Park Coverage    Hawaii
Cheapest Transport                       New Mexico
Most Active                                    Colorado
Cheapest Healthy Food                 Wisconsin
Best Camping Access                    California
Best Weather                                  Nevada

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