If you’re ever on the far western side of the great state of Texas, you should consider visiting the city of El Paso. 

However, El Paso is not one of those quaint little destination cities on the prairie where barely anyone has access to a stable internet service like Spectrum internet service. No, El Paso is a city with a rich cultural heritage and historical significance. It has rivers and zoos and museums, and all manner of fun activities for the entire family. Read on to find out 5 major reasons why visiting El Paso should be on your list of things to do. 

5 Reasons to Visit El Paso, Texas 

As off 2018, this major city in Texas had a population of around 682,000 people. Located right on the Rio Grande, the city sits at the border between the United States of America and Mexico. Immediately on the other side of the river is the city of Ciudad Juarez. One of the best reasons to go to El Paso is the availability of accommodations all year round. There are hostels that cater to budget travelers, as well as luxury hotels that have a more genteel clientele. 

Here are five other reasons to visit the city:

  1. Breathtaking Natural Views 
  2. El Paso Zoo For the Family 
  3. The Ysleta Mission Parish  
  4. Several Interesting Museums 
  5. Theme Park and Water Park Rides  

Read on to find out more. 

Breathtaking Natural Views 

Franklin Mountains State Park is only a 15-minute drive from El Paso and remains one of the cities top attractions for many years. The Park attracts all sorts of adventure seekers, hikers, rock climbers, and mountain bikers. Sneer’s Cory and McKelligon Canyon are two of the most popular rock climbing spots in the area.

If spending the night under the open sky appeals to you, you can also set up camp in the Park. The Tom Mays Unit of the Park holds the majority of the campsites. However, remember that none of the campsites offer running water or electricity. That means you’ll need to bring enough water for cooking, cleaning, and drinking. 

The State Park is also home to the Wyler Aerial Tramway. This is an aerial cable car that takes you to the top of Ranger Peak. That too in just under 4 minutes. The top of the peak offers some of the most amazing views of the surrounding rugged landscape. The base station also has a viewing port for tourists to examine the tramway’s machinery while they wait to go back. 

El Paso Zoo For the Family 

Of course, going hiking, camping, mountain biking, or rock climbing with young kids isn’t always a good idea. If you’re headed to El Paso with your family, you might want to pay a visit to the El Paso Zoo. The zoo has an excellent selection of exotic animals from all over the world. The zoo also features several exciting and educational rides, which include the African Star Train, the Foster Treehouse Playground, and the Hunt Famly Desert Spring water ride. 

Don’t worry if it is a weekend, the zoo is open from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm every day, all year round. However, Christmas, New Year’s Day, and Thanksgiving are exceptions.  

The Ysleta Mission Parish  

If you’re a history buff or a fan of religious sites, you absolutely have to visit the Ysleta Mission when you are in El Paso. The mission is recognized as the first and oldest in the state of Texas. It is a popular tourist spot to celebrate the culture, history, and faith associated with the area. The Ysleta Mission is the second-oldest parish in the United States that is still active.             

Several Interesting Museums 

There is more than one museum in El Paso, so be sure to pay them all a visit when you’re passing through. The El Paso Museum of Art has been operating since 1959 and has some of the finest examples of European, Mexican, and American art. But that isn’t the only place to visit. The El Paso Holocaust Museum serves as a reminder of the atrocities that ran rampant during World War 2 and Hitler’s tyrannical regime. 

You can also pay a visit to the El Paso Museum of History, that celebrates the rich multinational and multicultural heritage of the area.  

Theme Park and Water Park Rides  

Some cities have a theme park to attract tourists. Others may have a water park. El Paso, Texas, is the proud home to both a theme park and a water park. Western Playland offers theme park rides and attractions to children and adults alike. Close by the city is Wet’N’Wild Waterworld. This water park comes with fun rides, pools, beach volleyball, and even diving. And since you’re never too far from reliable internet service, thanks to a large number of providers in the area like Spectrum in El Paso, you can document every fun moment and share it with the world. 

Visit El Paso for yourself, and see if we missed out any popular spots in the city. Let us know what your favorite attractions were.  


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