In the world we live in today, where it is easy to access information from various outlets, like the internet, TV, radio, and other sources, a lot of us would have heard about fabric softener balls, also referred to as dryer balls. However, if you haven’t heard of this product before, here is an opportunity to know what it is and how it is being used. A lot of us experience difficulty in getting our clothes dried. Too many times, we complain about our clothes having static when we dry them with tumble-dryers. Perhaps, we have tried several means to ensure that our clothes are properly dried – all to no avail. Nevertheless, your laundry experience is about to change with the advent of fabric softener balls. Before we proceed, it is important to know what fabric softener balls are.

What Are Fabric Softener Balls?

A fabric softener ball is made from natural or organic materials, which makes it eco-friendly to use in drying your clothes effectively. These fluffy balls are a perfect alternative to dryer sheets and plastic dryer balls. It is worth noting that they do not contain chemicals and perfume; hence, they leave your clothes with a refreshing look and feel. Interestingly, they are available in various dimensions and materials. The best dryer ball to use is the wool dryer ball, as it is biodegradable, convenient, non-toxic, makes less noise than its counterparts and improves drying time. Other types of dryer balls are the plastic and rubber dryer balls.

How Do Fabric Softener Balls Work?

By using wool dryer balls when doing your laundry, you can prevent your clothes and towels from clumping in the tumble-dryer. They also promote air circulation and retain in your clothes, thereby speeding up the drying time. As a matter of fact, these organic products save you 20% in time and cost. By using this type of fabric softener balls, you can dry more clothes in shorter periods. Additionally, you are guaranteed to have static-free clothes.

Speaking of static clothes, we all know how difficult they can be to separate when dried. Static is created when clothes rub against one another, creating an electric charge. This is a phenomenon most of us wouldn’t want to encounter as it can be nightmarish. For this reason, many people dread doing laundry. However, wool dryer balls are effective in drying your clothes without clumping them. They help separate your clothes, allowing the flow of warm air in-between them. Additionally, these dry balls leave your clothes soft after drying. Aside from being beneficial to our environment, they also freshen the air we take in. Do you know that the quality of air in our homes is twice or more polluted than that outside due to fabric softeners, traditional detergents, and other factors? This is a report generated by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

How Long Do Fabric Softener Balls Last?

“Yeah, I get the whole concept and benefits of fabric softener balls, but I don’t know how long I can use them for.” You may say. Depending on the brand and quality. However, on average, wool dryer balls can last up to 1000 loads. Needless to say, replace them as soon as you notice them tearing apart.

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