Getting engaged is a significant moment in your life, and you want to do it right. Which is why choosing the right engagement ring is so important. This ring not only symbolizes the love you share, but it also represents how well you know your fiancé. This means choosing something that you know they’ll like, that will suit their skin tone, and that will match their sensibilities. 


The main feature of any engagement ring is the diamond. It’s the component that gets the most attention, so you’ll want to give it a lot of consideration. One thing you might want to consider is whether an ethically sourced diamond is important to you and your fiancé(e).


If you’re looking for a wide selection of rings and diamonds that are ethically-sourced, one of the options available is Brilliant Earth. Brilliant Earth offers “beyond conflict-free” jewelry. This term is used to describe diamonds that meet a series of ethical criteria. For diamonds to be considered “beyond conflict-free,” they must not be used to finance civil wars, and they must be ethically mined. Ethical mining refers to mining that employs fair labor practices, has no human rights abuses, no violence, and they work in an environmentally sustainable way.


In addition to offering ethically sourced diamonds, Brilliant Earth has a wide selection of diamond cuts and carats, as well as ring metals and settings. In fact, Brilliant Earth allows you to create a customized engagement ring. In this way, you can ensure that you give your fiancé(e) a ring that’s exactly right for them. Furthermore, they make budgeting easy. Brilliant Earth lets you pick the exact diamond you want, so you can select the clarity, carat, and price that works best for your budget.


Brilliant Earth offers diamonds from Canada, Botswana, and Russia. These diamonds are backed by a grading report, and ASET and Idealscope Images, that provide an in-depth analysis. Brilliant Earth also offers a sliding scale beneath each ring that lets you see what the different carat diamonds will look like. This allows you to feel confident about the selection you’re making. 


Additionally, Brilliant Earth offers virtual consultations with a jewelry specialist. These experts can help you choose the right cut, carat, clarity, and style of your diamond ring.  They also offer free 30-day returns and resizes. Therefore if you change your mind about the ring once you see it in person, you can easily return it. Alternatively, if you love the ring, but it’s not the right size, Brilliant Earth will resize it free of charge.


Finally, if you don’t find anything you like among their options, you can design your own ring from scratch. Brilliant Earth allows you to submit your own ideas, drawings, and images to their designers. Their designers then create a visual of your design concept, followed by a wax model or computerized rendering. You can make adjustments to this model before your ring becomes crafted, ensuring your vision comes to life exactly as you imagined it. This is an excellent option if you have a specific idea in mind and makes the ring buying process all the more personal and romantic.


Ultimately, when it comes to finding a ring that symbolizes your love as well as suiting the person you love, Brilliant Earth offers you the selection and customization options you need. Furthermore, Brilliant Earth’s diamonds are ethically sourced, so you can feel good about buying from them. 


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