Simple updates such as adding luxurious vacation rental amenities to your rental can enhance the overall guest experience and guarantee deluxe service for your guests. Also, they can help you optimize occupancy year-round and increase your profits by attracting more guests.


If you’re thinking of updating your rental, there are several things you should do to achieve that luxurious feel and look, which you can easily do with certain amenities. Read on to discover what are the must-have luxury vacation rental amenities that guests expect and look for.

Top 9 Deluxe Vacation Rental Amenities to Update Your Rental

High-Speed Wi-Fi 

Let’s face it, high-speed Wi-Fi has become a necessity nowadays. Unless you plan to offer a specific off-the-grid no-Wi-Fi accommodation, your guests will expect it to be a part of your vacation rental’s essential amenities.

Modern TVs and Entertainment Streaming Services

To ensure the highest quality of service, you will want to equip your home with several TVs, streaming services and multiple channels included. Investing in a cable TV package that can be watched on your smart TVs is the best way to awe your guests and enhance the luxury in your vacation home.


When it comes to choosing the right smart TV, opt for newer models with big flat screens that have 4k resolution.

Quality Air Conditioning

Perfect room temperature makes it easy for your guests to relax and make the most of their staycation in your wonderful vacation rental. Be sure that your AC unit is working properly after each guest departure to ensure the best possible conditions for new guests.

Functional Fully Equipped Kitchen

Your guests are probably not going to use your kitchen as often during their stay, but having a fully functional, modern kitchen equipped with quality appliances and utensils will make them truly experience the luxury they may not have at their homes. The following appliances are a must for a modern deluxe kitchen:

  • coffee maker — leave several different types of coffee for guests to try;
  • microwave; 
  • dishwasher; 
  • quality tableware and utensils;
  • toaster;
  • knives and cutting boards;
  • wine rack with several quality wines;
  • gourmet machines (ice cream, popcorn, or cappuccino machines);
  • kid-friendly dishes.

It goes without saying that your kitchen must be spick and span! Even all those hard-to-reach places! That’s why it great to have a cleaning checklist for your rental at hand to ensure thorough cleanliness. 

Family-Friendly and Pet-Friendly Amenities

Updating your place with luxury vacation rental amenities and making it family- and pet-friendly will make it a favorite among families looking for a truly deluxe place for their vacation. This includes childproofing your rental and leaving toys and board games for kids of all ages. 


You can make a small welcome basket for your guests’ pets with all sorts of snacks and toys for their furry friends. Pet owners want their pets to enjoy the perks of luxury accommodation as well.

Be sure to clean all the toys after the guests’ departure. Safety and precautionary checklists can also help you to properly disinfect your rental and everything in it during global health emergencies.

Premium Bedding and Comfortable Mattress

Nothing promotes comfort more than top quality, orthopedic mattress and a high-quality cotton bed set. Be sure to equip your rental with several different pillows for your guests to choose which suit them the most.

Indoor Fireplace, Outdoor Fire Pit, BBQ grill

There’s nothing better than cuddling up next to a fireplace on a chilly evening, enjoying a glass of wine. It is the ideal scenario for relaxing! Adding a fireplace to your vacation home is a great way to promote your luxury retreat and attract more guests with the promise of a high-end vacation.


If you already have a fireplace in your vacation rental, accentuate it by adding some fluffy cushions or faux fur rug or skin in front of it, and a modern low coffee table. 


What’s more, if you have a lot of space in your outdoor area, consider adding a fire pit, BBQ grill, and a spacious dining zone, with a big table that can accommodate a large group of people. Think summer evening BBQ, a lovely gathering in your spacious outdoor area, or a charming pool party.

Porch or Balcony

Porch or a balcony is a great addition to every vacation rental. Not only your guests can enjoy the view, but also they have a chance to enjoy the fresh air and nature without having to leave the place. Consider creating a relaxation zone on your porch/balcony by adding flowers, comfy throws, cushions for the chairs, and scented candles.

Pool or Hot Tub

Guests who want to treat themselves with a luxurious vacation often look for places with a pool or a hot tub. It doesn’t matter if your rental is located near a beach, many travelers are more likely to book rentals that have a private pool which they can enjoy without having to be surrounded by a crowd of people. Privacy is somewhat of a luxury nowadays, and your guest will cherish your deluxe retreat with these extra amenities.

Don’t forget to spell out your house rules for the swimming pool and hot tub area and leave them in a visible place to ensure safety both indoors and outdoors.


Updating your rental with these 9 luxury vacation rental amenities will bring the guest experience to a whole new level. Some may be a bit costly investments, but in the end, these will bring you great benefits and you will see the results in the increase in your profits. Consider them as an investment for the future!


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