America is a fantastic destination, and it could take you years to work your way around and see all the sights. It is the land of the road trip with the famous Route 66 featuring highly on many a bucket list. There are many ways to drive to some of the most impressive locations, you can take a car and stop at motels, or of course, you can always camp at these destinations. 


If you plan on cranking up the stereo and driving off into the sunset, here are some of the most popular bucket list destinations to check off your US travel list. 

1. Grand Canyon in Arizona


If you’re staying in Las Vegas, renting an RV is a great way to go and see this impressive natural landscape. The Colorado River carved its way through the land over millions of years to create the Grand Canyon. It is 277 miles long and well over a mile deep. There are numerous lookout points where you can take in the views, or for the more adventurous white-water rafting, or hiking down, just don’t forget it is uphill on the way back. You can also ride a mule through the area or enjoy a Birdseye view on one of the helicopter rides that are frequently available. Be sure to bring your camera, just don’t drop it while you are at the top, a mile is a long way to fall!

2. Niagara Falls in New York


Niagara Falls is a pretty unique location, as you can take in the sights from two different countries. You can head to Canada, or you can check it out from the US side. In Niagara Falls State Park, you will find Prospect Point, which offers you some fantastic views of this massive waterfall. If you’d like to get up close and personal, you can take a boat tour on the Maid of the Mist, which is a trip of a lifetime that you will never forget. 


Located behind the Bridal Veil Falls, you will find the cave of the wins; this has some unique views of its own and invariably has a stunning rainbow on display. There is nothing else quite like a waterfall of this sheer size and volume, so it is little wonder that it holds a bucket list appeal for many people. Don’t forget your camera and in some areas, prepare to get splashed!

3. Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco


The iconic orange colored suspension bridge has a massive span of 4200 feet and connects Marin County to San Francisco. It is over 746 feet tall, and it was first opened in 1937. Once you have your photographs saved on your mobile, you can cross the bridge on foot or by bike and take a look at the views as you go. 


You will also find the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, which has many other historic attractions and offers hiking for the more adventurous. This also provides a different angle at which to gaze out over the bridge and the San Francisco area. The deck can also be seen from Alcatraz Island and is often the backdrop of films and television shows.

4. Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park


Geysers have a unique appeal, and not many of us see them in our lifetime. Old Faithful is a cone geyser, which was first discovered in 1870. It is relatively predictable and erupts approximately every 60 to 110 minutes, which is how it got its name Old Faithful. It is a well-known geological feature, and the water shoots on average 130 to 140 feet into the air, depending on the length of the eruption. It also expels 3700 to 8400 gallons of water each time. It certainly is a sight to behold and generally sends a chill down the spine and a frisson of excitement the first few times you see it erupt.

5. New Orleans in Louisiana


This is one of the most famous cities in the US, no matter what the time of year it carries a great history and is renowned for being vibrant and fun. Considered to be the jazz capital of the world, it is also a must-see destination during Mardi Gras when the celebrations are loud and exciting. For the foodies, it offers Cajun and Creole cuisine, and you can also check out a host of art galleries and famous buildings, including Saint Louise Cathedral, which dates back to the 18th century. Don’t forget to check out the French Quarter and sit back and enjoy a coffee or frozen cocktail while you are there.


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