Las Vegas is a city that is well known for its grandiose hotels and luxury resorts. It was the pioneer of casino destinations, beginning in the 1930s and expanding over the length of the 20th century. Today, Las Vegas remains the home of casinos, but it no longer holds a monopoly. 


In decades gone by, places like Las Vegas were the only opportunity you would have to play games like poker, roulette and blackjack. However, this has changed over time as more territories have allowed casinos to open and online casinos have allowed customers to play casino games and other games online. While these have their own unique qualities, particularly online casinos which have many variants on the traditional games, Las Vegas has its own unique attractions that make it stand out from the others. 


Vegas has built a reputation for being a city of high rollers who spend big in the casinos and go back to their hotel suites that are bigger and more luxurious than many people’s homes.


You may not even have to pay for your suite if you plan to spend enough in the hotel’s casino. Most major casino resorts in Las Vegas offer complimentary hotel rooms and suites to high rollers that spend enough money. These are usually handled through their loyalty programmes, so make sure that you’re signed up and you use your cards wherever you go. It doesn’t usually matter what games you choose to play in the casino, it’s only the total amount that you wager (or spend on food and drinks). 


While it’s not impossible, it’s highly unlikely you’ll get some of these most expensive hotel suites on the house though. You’ll have to stump up the cash (or plastic) for them.  


Eye-Wateringly Expensive

Although anyone planning a trip to Sin City can very easily spend a small fortune on travel, accommodation, dining, entertainment and casinos, there’s a special class of facilities available for the super rich. They come with eye-watering price tags and facilities that would make anyone’s Instagram blow up. 


Here are some of the best.


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Waldorf Astoria

WIth a price of around $4,000 a night, the Waldorf Astoria is by far the cheapest option on this list. For that money, you get to stay in the only hotel in Vegas to receive Forbes’ triple 5-star hotel rating.


The rate is for the Premier Presidential Suite which comes with three bedrooms, a view of the strip, a private butler and dining service, a separate living room, and a private fitness area.You also get daily access for 2 people in the hotel’s spa amenities. 


The Bellagio

If $4,000 is on the cheap side, how about the $7,000 a night Chairman Suite at The Bellagio? This 4,000 square-foot room has two bedrooms, an indoor garden (and fountain), fireplace and solarium. 


You’ll feel right at home in the large living space, with breathtaking views over the city. It’s also got an L-shaped bar for if you’re planning to entertain some guests in your room.


The Cosmopolitan

If you’re still looking for something bigger, try the Bentel & Bentel Penthouse Suites at The Cosmopolitan. For $25,000 a night you’ll get one of its four elite suites that are located on the 70th floor. 


Each of the suites is designed in a unique way, giving you the choice of a style that suits you best. There are two and three-bedroom options, with living space, kitchen facilities, floor to ceiling windows, and terraces with panoramic views over the city. 


Palms Casino Resort

For an extra 10 grand you can make a big step up. For $35,000 a night, you get a 9,000 square-foot “Sky Villa”, which is split over two floors. Fitting up to 11 people and featuring a cantilevered pool, you can party the night away while enjoying the views of the city right from the water. 


The VIP treatment begins the second you land at the airport, with Palms Casino Resort sending private transport to collect you from the airport, before giving you a “VIP check-in”. You also get VIP all-passes to the resort’s nightclub, and a private elevator to take you to your suite. 


It’s clear that every level of high roller is catered for in Las Vegas. If you aren’t going to miss $35,000 for a single night, you can enjoy luxury that most normal people would only ever be able to imagine. 


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