Discerning luxury travelers usually live in some of the world’s chicest cities. Finding luxury vacation destinations that are equally impressive, yet offer a new experience isn’t always easy.

Here’s an inside look at three of the luxury vacation destinations in the world that provide a departure from everyday city life.

La Jolla, California

La Jolla, California is a luxury vacation destinations paradise for anyone that’s looking for a retreat from fast-paced cities. Nestled along the Pacific Coast just north of San Diego, La Jolla is known for it’s pristine beaches, spectacular natural surroundings and an amazing amount of sea life. It truly is a special place where man-made opulence meets the majesty of Mother Nature.

One of the most popular things to do at La Jolla Cove is taking to the ocean. Visitors that are impressed with the abundance of wildlife on the surface will be amazed by the world underneath the water. Snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking and paddle boarding will put you within reach of sea lions, seals, sea turtles, dolphins and countless fish. Most of the year visitors also have a good chance of spotting a whale during offshore boating excursions.

Back on the main land visitor can enjoy cuisine that samples flavors from around the world. However, La Jolla is well-known for fantastic brunch fare and elevated Cali-Baja flavors that give you a taste of the region.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

If you want to extend your La Jolla vacation and make it an international affair, the old world charm of Puerto Vallarta is just a short plane ride away. Puerto Vallarta is a resort town on the Pacific Coast that blends artisan flea markets along cobblestone streets with natural wonders like the “Hidden Beach” at Marietas Islands national park. The beach is known around the world due to its obscure, remote location. Visitors must make their way through a cave to reach the sandy cove.

An opening in the surface above exposes the beach to sunlight and warms the
pristine blue water.

When you aren’t exploring sea caves and historic cathedrals, you can relax in the lap of luxury just steps away from your accommodations. Resorts like the Grand Fiesta Americana offer every amenity imaginable along with breath-taking views of icy blue water of Bahia de Banderas Bay. You can easily spend a week being pampered and sitting poolside, but you’ll want to venture out to explore the city.

The zoo in Mismaloya gives visitors an upclose look at Mexico’s native animal species. The lush Vallarta Botanical Gardens isn’t a simple greenhouse. The site features numerous trails surrounded by tropical plants, wildlife and a river.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Not long ago the city of Dubia made a conscious choice to become a playground for the rich and famous. But don’t be fooled into thinking it’s the Las Vegas of the Middle East. You won’t find casinos and neon lights here.

Dubai is a cosmopolitan metropolitan area, but it’s also unlike anything you’ll see in New York, Paris or London. You can spend days in contemporary art museums, lavish bars and westernized Mall of the Emirates. Or you can watch the sun set over the water while perched on a camel. You can haggle over gold prices with local artisans at the lively local souks. As much as Dubai has replicated the West, it’s decidedly exotic to Westerns.

For anyone who wants a true sense of what Dubai was like before the city paved the way for high-rises, the Bastakia Quarter is a must-see. It’s one of the few unspoiled spots that has preserved the city’s original architecture and offers relaxing waterway rides.

When it’s time to escape the urban jungle and without sacrificing city amenities, La Jolla, Puerto Vallarta and Dubai are luxury vacation destinations worth visiting.

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