Subscription box services have quickly become one of the hottest trends in the online and retail market over the past few years. Where it used to be that only a few subscription boxes existed, today’s consumers can find a huge variety of boxes in all different price points, themes, and frequencies. So, while all this variety is absolutely incredible for consumers, at the same time, it can cause a bit of confusion. Picking just one subscription box, or even a couple of favorite ones can seem like an impossible task.

Here we’ll take a look at some tips and advice that will help you to pick the best subscription box service for yourself and/or a loved one as a gift.

Narrow Down Your Likes and Interests

Before you starting browsing through the many options out there, you may want to take a moment and narrow down your likes and interests. This step can help you to eliminate a number of boxes that just wouldn’t be right for you. The typical categories that you’ll find are:

  • Electronics/gadgets
  • Kitchen/foodie related
  • Beauty/makeup
  • Books
  • Art supplies
  • Clothing
  • Wine and beer
  • Lifestyle items
  • Fitness

Once you narrow down the themes that most interest you, then you can do an online search for subscription boxes in that category.

How Often Do You Want to Receive the Box?

The next question to ask is how often you would like to receive a subscription box. Subscription services are usually monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly. You may even want to pick one in each frequency so your calendar is filled with surprises and boxes to look forward to.

Pick a Price Point You are Comfortable With

Price is often a big sticking point with people when it comes to subscription boxes. Part of the draw is the fact you can get so many items at such an incredible price, but keep in mind when you pick the lowest price you aren’t usually getting full-sized items. This is where reading the fine-print comes in handy. Determine if you are receiving full-sized, luxury-sized, or trial/sample sized products. As well, you want to look at what the shipping will cost you; sometimes it can almost be as much as the box.

Save Money by Signing Up for a Plan

A good way to save a few bucks on subscription boxes is to look at signing up for a plan. When you pay for the box on a month-by-month basis, you obviously can cancel at any time, but you also tend to pay a higher rate. Sometimes the company will offer three, six, or one-year plans at a discounted rate.

Opt for a Personalized Approach

Part of the allure with these subscription box services is the fact you don’t know what you’re going to get in many of them. They are mystery items that surprise you each and every time. While this can certainly be fun, sometimes that means you’re going to end up with items and products that you don’t want or need. This can be especially frustrating if you are planning on giving a box as a gift to a loved one. You want to know that each and every item will be enjoyed.

This is why you may want to consider a more personalized approach. Take, for example, the luxury gift boxes available through Jean and Jade. With this company, you can shop for a specific occasion and even create your very own gift box. Not only that but you get to pick the delivery date, something you don’t get to do with a typical subscription service. If you are looking to buy a gift box for someone other than yourself, then this option that steers away from the typical subscription boxes would be the ideal choice as you don’t have to commit to regular deliveries.

Check Online Reviews Before Making a Decision

It’s also a good idea to look at online reviews of the subscription box(es) you are interested in. Often, you’ll find reviews complete with photos to give you a better idea of what you can expect in a box. You may also find information about their shipping, pricing, quality, customer service, and more.

Change Up Your Box From Time to Time

Another tip is to change up your box from time to time. Rather than stick with the same subscription service for years, you may want to give a few a try in that time. That will allow you to build a wider variety of items. For example, if you sign up for a makeup box that is delivered monthly, a year may be more than enough to build up your makeup collection and have you feeling satisfied.

A Fabulous Way to Discover Items and Products

Subscription boxes offer people a great way to try out and discover items and products they may not normally purchase or pick up. It can help you find all new favorites and really broaden your knowledge of different products.

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