When looking for a home, there’s plenty of things to consider from the state of the property, it’s closeness to amenities, what facilities it has to the size of the garden, but when looking for a home lots of people don’t consider the Instagramability of their potential home, sure nice decoration is a start, but if you’re spending hundreds of thousands of Pounds on a home, you’ll want to be able to show it off on the ‘Gram.

Making a home ‘Instagramable’ involves much more than just painting the walls and displaying some personal affects around the home, you’ll need to consider the lighting of your home, the composition of the rooms and highlights you can add around the home. Which is why we’ve put together this guide on some easy ways you can improve the aesthetics of your home to look awesome in photos and selfies. 

Lighting Is The Most Important Thing

As the title for this section says, when it comes to maximizing the aesthetics of your home lighting is the most important thing to consider. Bad lighting has ruined many a photo and we want to avoid this. With lighting you have a few things you need to consider: Location, where the light sources are placed; Layering, how the different layers of light sit with each other; Brightness, how bright/dim the lighting sources are and Variety, how may types of light sources do you have.

Location: The location of your lighting will play a lot into the general look of the room as well as your ability to get good photos. Ideally you will have light sources scattered around any given room, with ceiling lights, natural light from your windows and other lighting sources such as lamps around a room.

Layering: Is the next thing to consider, you want your different light sources to layer on each other, so ideally you should have some difference in how strong each layer is to maximise the look of it and get the right light in the right places. Which leads us on to…

Brightness: As we just said, different levels of brightness is imperative, you’ll want to mix things up with strong light from above, some gentler light from your other sources and where possible some strong natural light from your windows.

Variety: This is where you can really set your photos apart from the norm, by adding in some variety to your light, you can achieve this a few different ways such as: Using venetian blinds to create horizontal stripes of light, using coloured LED lights to add a colourful hue to your photos or even using floor lighting to get a more intense light on your pictures. 

Room To Room Variety

In your home, to maximise your ability to get photos you’ll want some noticeable variety in the décor of each room, so defaulting to all Magnolia walls and wooden flooring is a no go. You’ll want each room to have it’s own colour pallet that will fit the use of your room and look aesthetically appealing.

You can also add greater variety in rooms by creating ‘Highlight Walls’ these are just walls that will be excellent for photos, so this will involve things such as: Having a wall covered with Ivy or some other climbing plant, adding custom made neon light signs to a wall, having a large wine rack that covers a whole wall putting up a large bookshelf that fills a wall, or by painting a mural on a wall. All these are options of what you can do, but by doing this, you create an extra backdrop to utilise around your home.

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